Politically Correct Porn

XTube is normally known for their free downloads of amateur college girls with other girls, porn site promotion, or even self-made amateur twink or frat videos but now they are known for something else. XTube is now known for Politically correct porn.

Just like the backlash of Janet Jackson’s boob being flashed across the screen a few years ago during the Superbowl we are seeing something similar because of the comedian Michael Richards use of the “N” word. We are now witnessing a new cleanliness of words on major internet portals, comedy clubs, and radio stations. This has even carried over to porn sites. You can now flash your boobs or show your penis but you cannot use the “N” word.

The wildly popular XTube.com porn site made an announcement on the home page that you must refrain from using the “N” word in usernames and descriptions but it did not include audio or video. XTube.com is similar to YouTube.com but it contains only porn and adult related videos which may be censored on the latter.

There have been a lot of reports of people using the word ni**a or ni**er on XTube. XTube would like to remind everyone that this is a fun website, where you come to get your rocks off. While you are here, please try not to be offended by racist or sexist remarks from idiots.

XTube now officially does not accept the words ni**a or ni**er in usernames, titles, tags or descriptions. If you choose to use them you will be removed from the site.

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