Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

There is a quick answer to who will replace the former host of NBC’s Meet the Press who recently passed away while at work…  Tim Russert is the only person who can replace himself according to NBC’s news chiefs.  This all said who are they going to use to try to get close to replacing him.

There are several people on the assumed list including Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, and David Gregory.  It may take a few anchors to hold down the Meet the Press show at first.

One of the best replacements might just be Keith Olbermann.  He seems to do a lot of homework before his show and special commentaries and might learn to be tougher when it comes to interviews with more training.

The prospect of using Tom Brokaw to fill in for Tim Russert might be the best for now.  Tom Brokaw knows his politics and knows his country more than just about any journalist.  Hey, why not bring out Dan Rather and test him out for the position or would that bring too much controversy?

Tim Russert is a legend at NBC News and it will be a chore trying to find someone to fill his shoes.

One thought on “Who Will Replace Tim Russert?”

  1. Olbermann? Why not Limbaugh or Hannity? Come on, we need someone who can at least pretend to be impartial. Its a disgrace to even mention his name with Russert.

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