What Do Republicans Really Want?

What will make you happy in politics? who is your perfect candidate? Are you one of the fox viewers that think planned parenthood only does abortions?? I just am trying to understand they keep following down the path of the part of society that has not progressed. Putting Jesus into things when Jesus is the best part of Christianity he would not do anything these jerks talk about. Jesus would be on the cross again if he were alive today by Rush or Rick etc.

Obama is not killing America. Yes that is a dumb statement if you ask me. Do you see bombs going off outside or the stock market dropping? Nope it just hit a record high for the first time since 2008.. Obama is hitting home runs right now with Osama dead and the stock market. US has Apple and the best companies. What do you have so much hate about? Yes its fine to bitch about things but the things they are bitching about are their own greed and hate issues if you ask me.

my view of republicans.. short..
Guns (x)
Hate (x)
Murder people who don’t like guns (x)
Murder people who don’t like hate (x)
No Privacy for people who aren’t republicans
Privacy for Republicans
Drugs for Republicans (prescription drugs)
Bullies (x)
No new technology unless its a new way to drill oil (x)
No Solar (x)
No Wind (x)
No new highways (x)
No weather service (x)
No fucking schools (x)
Hate Ix)
Negativity (x)
Fear (x)
Fear (x)
War (x)
Force Christianity on Americans (x)
War based economy (x)
Who needs Apple or technology (x)
Cancer ..what cancer (x)
Planned Parenthood only does abortions they should be closed down (x)

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