Sitting in Coach With the Dinosaurs

walking with the dinosaurs liveI just had to put up that headline since you know everything that has to do with the airlines for some weird reason can be uncomfortable.  The live dinosaur show was amazing though.  I will get to the coach seats later.

Walking with the Dinosaurs was a presentation of “live” dinosaurs with partnership of BBC Worldwide.  They had a timeline of the living creatures with a unique history lesson of their migration to the ending days of their fate.  There are a lot of claims though that are not scientifically proven but overall it was a great show.

The show starts out with one continent and the first living dinos of herbivores and carnivores.  It then goes on to show them fighting and evolving to survive even with natural fires, volcanoes, and vegetation coming and going.

walking-with-dinosaurs-5.jpgThe dinosaurs in “Walking with the Dinosaurs” were so real looking and made the show enjoyable to watch.  This is not only a perfect show to bring the kids but a great show for adults who enjoy history.  This show has a 20 million dollar budget and it shows.  Here are some pics from the arena event starring Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus.

walking with the dinosaurs

walking with the dinosaursAs for the seating it was in the American Airline center where it seemed where we were sitting in coach seats.  I took a pic of the seats we were in to show you how small these things are.  I think half a person can fit in these things if you are tall or overweight.  I never realized how small the seats are in the American Airlines center until I went there for a show since at Concerts I am standing up the entire time instead of actually sitting down.  Shame on you American for making people squeeze into your small seating and treating us like insects.

american airline center coach seats

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