Wal-Mart Misleading Consumers with Organic Labels

An advocacy group claims Wal-Mart is misleading its customers by labeling non-organic foods as ‘organic.  Our expectations confirmed?  Yeah, mistakes will happen but at five different Wal-Mart locations?  And why has nothing been done since September about the mis-tagging of Organic Foods?  Don’t sell that Whole Foods stock just yet… Whole Foods may come out a winner in this battle!

This group is accusing Wal-Mart of organic fraud and they may be on to something.  We may be seeing a lot more of these stories since the higher prices are in the organic foods.  But lets take a look at the employees that work at Wal-Mart.

I do not really think Wal-Mart is doing this organic foods mislabeling on purpose.  I think it is the employees that are ill-informed and just do not know what an organic product is they think it is natural.  They are so used to the terms “new”, “natural”, 10% juice” etc that they just look at organic as a natural instead of organic product.  When you go in a Whole Foods you are used to everything already being mostly organic or natural instead of the fake chemical bags of Cheeto’s or fake chemical foods in grocery stores.

Go in Wal-Mart yourself and you will most likely discover it yourself.  The stockers in Wal-Mart have everything so trashed in the store that hardly anything matches what the sign says.  Although, Wal-Mart deserves to pay for misleading people if they keep doing this.  Especially when it comes to organic foods where they mis-mark them at higher prices and rip off the consumers.  If Wal-Mart is going to sell foods and try to compete against Whole Foods or Wild Oats then it needs better training to educate employees on what organic foods really are.

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