Tomato Recalls Bring Mad Hysteria

Tomatoes are probably the only fruit or vegetable that every animal or insect seems to like.  You plant them in your yard and snakes, birds, and all types of bugs will go after your young red or green tomatoes.  The predators will not leave the tomatoes alone… even bacteria seems to want these antioxidants.

I was on a trip to Orlando and bought a sub from Subway on friday and asked for extra tomatoes.  Then this scare got worse and the media ran the tomato story all weekend long and even McDonald’s stopped putting tomatoes on hamburgers.  Wait?  McDonald’s doesn’t even put tomatoes on their Big Macs much less that small cherry you get on a salad there doesn’t count as a tomato.

You know its a scare when you see the FDA coming out with a list of possible suspects and you walk into Whole Foods and they are missing half their stock.  Whole foods got rid of the Roma tomatoes but kept the vine tomatoes and are offering refunds on previous purchases.  I can see the lines forming now of people with a receipt in one hand and a tomato in another.

I was served a tomato in my salad on my American Airlines flight on Monday – I might just die from that!  We know even the water on those flights might have some kind of bacteria or the claims of them finding feces and other remains in airplane water.  I think American uses bottled water unless they refill the bottles with what’s on board from the septic tanks.

Try and order a salsa lately?  Salsa and pico de gallo has been banned from most restaurants as well.  What is this world coming to when we cannot eat one of the healthiest fruits (or vegetable).

I still to this day do not know whether its tomatoe or tomato or if its a fruit or vegetable.  Everyone has different viewpoints but one think I know for sure is I have four tomato plants in my backyard and I plan to eat tomatoes whether the FDA tells me I can or not.

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