The Dixie Chicks Grammy Show

I am not sure whether to call it the Grammy’s or the Dixie Chicks Show because it was taken over by the country music superstars on Sunday night.  This was a welcome surprise that the Dixie Chicks took home so many Grammy’s.  Especially after they were shut out by the same people and shut out by their own music genre of Country.  Winning an award on this show normally increases your album sales as well so expect some big ka-ching coming the way of these musical girls.

I am also happy to see that Mary J. Blige took home three Grammy awards.  She just recovered from drug problems and has been through a lot the last few years.  I am glad to see her come back in full swing.  Her performance was kind of lame compared to how active she normally is though.  I like it when she gets more into the music and dances around more.

I was disappointed that other great artists like Hello Goodbye and Madonna who did not get any mentions or awards.  I feel the Grammy’s give too many awards to one group they pick every year and do not bother to spread things out more to everyone who deserves recognition.  This may be a reason we do not get the quality of music that we had once before.  I mean how many awards can John Mayer or Blunt win before everyone turns blue in the face?  It was especially evident this week on 60 minutes when Norah Jones commented about taking home so many awards that she felt “she showed up to a party and ate someone else’s birthday cake.”

Maybe the Grammy committee does not listen to enough music outside of their box.  I am not complaining that the Dixie Chicks took home so many awards but this happens every year and they need to broaden their scope.

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