The Daily Show and Colbert Report To Return

This could be the best news I have heard in a few weeks. I have felt so deprived since The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Colbert Report have been off the air. I have been watching too much Fox News or CNN with any spare time and the guilt trip of that is like eating too much vending machine candy (without any nutrients).

I am excited that The Daily Show is coming back on the air. The re-runs are getting old and the politicians have all been getting off the hook easily since Jon Stewart and Colbert have been silenced. I hope the writers strike will come to terms or make some sort of agreement soon so everyone is happy out of the deal. You have to start worrying about more than just the writers but the actual staffs who do the behind the scenes work who will really start struggling to make ends meet.

There should be some sort of compromise. I feel for the writers on one side because I feel that good writers should be paid well and that they should receive pay hikes when the media companies actually get paid on the internet revenue. Right now the media companies are loosing money online so there is no way anyone can get paid on that. It may take a few years to actually make money online as the costs of bandwidth are not cheap. We all know you cannot make money on YouTube videos yet and if you do its just a few pennies per click which does not compare to advertising rates on old media.

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  1. On a different note, I found this article listing the greenest cities in the US. This shows that municipalities care about climate change. I guess the general population cares about the environment and global warming. My score on their calculator was 400 but at least I am trying. Here is the link to the website that published the list of cites and where the carbon calculator can be found: The test took me like 5 minutes tops, and then maybe another 2 minutes to find the pledges I wanted. Pretty cool application.

  2. Great Blog I always have a good time reading it. It’d be great if someone knew about this site ? I have used their carbon calculator and it seems pretty legit? Has anyone else used it? They are partners with live earth and Al Gore so it must be pretty credible? If anyone else has done digging on this let me know. Oh and I got a score of 289 on their test…lower than the average in my state! Whoop whoop!

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