Texas Republicans Lie about Taxes!

Here it is Tax season and the biggest deadline of the year for some is April 15th.  You get home from driving down the toll road to pull in your drive way of a home that was heavily property-taxed to death.  The last thing you would expect is a new sneaky business tax from the state of Texas.
The only thing that Republicans are good for is “no new taxes” or “reducing taxes”. What most people do not know is that they are all lies coming from the same crop of nasty politicians. They are darn-right lying to us hard working business owners.

Texas used to care about small business owners and offered some of the lower tax rates. There are no state income taxes but if you own a business you are subject to employment taxes among the new Texas Franchise Tax or Texas Margin Tax which will effect around 1 million businesses.

We already pay thousands in property taxes. Texas is one of the worst in the nation for property taxes. I pay for Plano and Collin county property taxes at a total of $8k or so a year. A retired person with no income could certainly not afford that outrageous tax.
Do I really need to pay more to the state of Texas? Am I paying for the Republican legislatures to goto lunch and Church or what exactly am I paying for? I know most the roads near me are all TOLL Roads. It certainly is not going to rebuild I-35 to Austin which needs major help! I know its not going to the schools because I we already pay for every kid in town to goto school through the property taxes. So where is this money going??
Who is eating our lunch in Texas?

Gov. Rick Perry is responsible for signing this expanded Business Tax Law into legislation. He is one of the people who went around bragging how he would not raise taxes during his election.

Are you Texans still going to vote Republican in November knowing that you have been lied to about higher taxes? Think about it.

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