Texas Election 2010: Collin and Dallas County

Not sure who you are going to vote for this election or what is even on the ballot in your precinct? I had the same problem and searched and looked everyone on the web and circled around until finally I found a ballot creator.  The Dallas Morning News normally gives a summary of the elections but good luck trying to sift through all the articles and all the political mess online to find it.  After seeing sites such as the Examiner pop up everywhere it was a relief to be able to fill out this ballot form and compare candidates. There are things that Libertarians stand for that Democrats may not with each candidate and I would never just vote straight party such as Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian.

Of course 2010 is different than most.  This year you have lots of Tea Party candidates who are running on the Republican side who are really just far right republicans with really big mouths and probably big guns if they want to shoot someone or something.  They probably know nothing about Tea or anything about the Boston Tea Party but they are a façade that won’t go away.

Thevoterguide.org/v/dallas is a very useful took I found to decide which candidates and issues I will be voting on before November 2nd.  How about am I even registered to vote?  You can look it up online if you are not sure if your voter id card is expired or not.  Here you can search for this from the Texas Secretary of State’s site directly.

So what are the issues if you live in Collin County which is a part of Dallas Texas? Here is how I plan on voting during the early voting in a few weeks:

U.S. House, District 3

John Lingenfelder (D) vs. Sam Johnson (R) vs. Christopher Claytor (L) who really didn’t have much to say but that he was a Baptist.  John Lingenfelder is Founder of the “Plano Solar Initiative” a community based group that worked with the City of Plano to discover innovative ways to fund solar-based energy alternatives for residences and small business.

Texas Senate, District 8

Ed Kless (L), Small Business Consultant vs.  Florence Shapiro (R), Texas State Senator – I am gonna have to go with Ed Kless the Libertarian on this one.  While voting for any Libs scares me in this election because I am not liking what I see in the Tea Party candidates who seem fake and there for political gain to swing republicans to the right I do like Ed’s responses here and Texas needs lower property taxes and budget cuts in the right places.  I totally agreed with what Ed Kless said about reducing prisons and the releasing non-violent prisoners.

Texas House, District 67

Well this is sad that no one is running against Jerry Madden (R).  He did not even respond to the Dallas Morning News but then again why does he need to.  I should have ran my dog against him maybe he would have won.

Governor of Texas Election

Rick Perry (R) vs. Kathie Glass (L) , Lawyer  vs. Deb Shafto (G) , retired p-12 school teacher vs. Bill White (D), former Houston Mayor – Going with Bill White on this one he managed Houston and hopefully can do a good job with our great state of Texas.  Rick Perry has been refusing to show up at debates and has been carrying on the Bush Legacy it’s time for a change in Texas to Democratic leadership.  I just hope they do not take away our toll roads.

Lt Governor

Linda Chavez-Thompson (D), Retired vs. David Dewhurst (R), Lt. Governor vs. Scott Jameson (L) Realtor and computer consultant  – this is a tough one I am kind of liking the thinking of Scott Jameson although bragging about your CHL  when asked if you have been arrested before is kind of changing the subject do you think he may have something to hide?  I liked his answers except on that question.

Attorney General

Greg Abbott (R), Attorney General of Texas vs.  Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D), Mediator/Attorney vs.

Jon Roland (L), Director of Constitution Society

State Comptroller

Susan Combs (R) Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts vs  Edward Lindsay (G), Retired Educator vs.

Mary J. Ruwart (L), Educator

Land Commissioner

James L. Holdar (L), Retired Civil Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor vs

Jerry Patterson (R) Commissioner, Texas General Land Office vs

Candidate picture

Hector Uribe (D)

Attorney / Government Consultant/ Ranch Manager

Agriculture Commissioner

Rick Donaldson (L), Naturla and Organic Farmer Rancher vs   Hank Gilbert (D) Rancher, Small Business Owner vs Todd Staples (R) Texas Commissioner of Agriculture – Hands down the Organic Farmer Rancher Rick Donaldson on this ballot issue and this one may be more important than we think when it comes to our everyday health here in Texas.

Railroad Commissioner

Art Browning (G), Roger Gary (L). David Porter(R) currently a CPA, vs Jeff Weems (D) Oil and Gas Attorny.

Texas Supreme Court, Place 3

Jim Sharp (D) vs. Debra Lehrmann (R) current sitting Texas Supreme Court Justice vs. William Bryan Strange III (L)

Texas Supreme Court, Place 5

Paul Green (R), Justice, Supreme Court of Texas  vs  Bill Moody (D) Jude, 34th District Court  vs

Tom Oxford (L)

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9

Blake Bailey (D) attorney

Court Of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 2

J. Randell Stevens (L)Lawyer

Court Of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 5

Dave Howard (L) Attorney vs Cheryl Johnson (R)

Court Of Criminal Appeals, Pl. 6

Keith Hampton (D)Attorney  vs  Michael E. Keasler (R) Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals vs Robert Ravee Virasin (L)

Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 4

Bonnie Lee Goldstein (D) Attorney vs  Lana Myers (R) Justice, 5th District Court of Appeals, Place 4

Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals

Robert M. (Bob) Fillmore (R) Justice vs Lawrence J. Praeger (D) Attorney at Law

State Board of Education, Dist. 12

George M. Clayton (R)Educator, Administrator for English Language Arts, Academic Coordinator North Dallas High School vs Amie Parsons (L)  Self Employed

Collin County Judge

Keith Self (R)  County Judge vs David Smith (D) Environmental and Political Consultant

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