Terror-Free Oil

You can now purchase “terror-free oil” at one gas station at least in the US.  A Coral Springs, Florida based company opened a station this week in Omaha, Nebraska that pledged to sell oil that is terror-free.  This gas station group plans to expand to other US cities while supplying its consumer’s oil bought from Sinclair Oil Corporation and oil traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The drawbacks to this are that some oil is mixed by suppliers and it could result in oil from the Middle East being mixed in with Canada oil for example.   This is definitely a great concept and consumer advantage to have a higher oil price over another gas station.  This would be similar to Wal-Mart selling organic products and mixing it in with their other vegetables but not completely like the real organic foods you would get at Whole Foods.  The concept is not 100% terror free from how I read into this.

I think the better way of doing business would be to offer other fuel alternatives besides “terror free oil”.  They should provide the real terror free oils which are ethanol, hydrogen cells, bio-diesel, and electricity hookups for those types of vehicles.  I will say at least this gas station group is trying to do something as opposed King Exxon.

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