How to Determine Fake News Sites: List of False, Misleading, Clickbait, & Satirical “News” Sources

Back in the days when journalism was rewarded and people read newspapers for unbiased papers they had this thing called editorials. Editorials are opinions. Most publications do not seem to tell readers anymore when it’s actual news or an opinion. The problem got worse after Fox News debuted because it was basically an opinion or editorial network. They would tell what they considered the “news” but in their biased way of doing so. The problem got worse in the last election when the internet has been flooded with many propaganda, misleading, and extremist sites that were not based on references or fact. Sites and blogs that had no respect for real journalism.

An assistant professor of communication and media put together a resource that started as a tool for teaching her students about journalism, social media, and media literacy. This is a great source for putting together which sites to check on before clicking or reading an article that you may see almost hourly in your newsfeed. Some of the highly popular sites listed on here are, Breitbart, and USUncut. Breitbart was one of the highest ranked sites in the trending section of Facebook during the election which posted what were in disguise as journalism but were really conspiracy or misleading claims. Here is a short summary of some of the most popular Facebook linked sites that are what we call Fake News:
1. Absolutely fake. The .co should alert people it is not real. We normally only trust .com sites as our #1 Rule for U.S. News.
2. unreliable – Anonymous posted many unreliable sourced stories during the election.
3. – rumors.
4. – bias, unreliable.
5. – bias, conspiracy.
6. – political, clickbait.
7. – bias, clickbait.
8. – clickbait, bias. One of the top Bernie bro and Green Party cited sites but not real journalism. They were also sold.
9. – clickbait, bias
10. – state-ran. Russia runs this propaganda channel.
11. – conspiracy site.

They also listed a few sites that were factual such as Which was listed as political but credible. One site that the document failed to mention was which should be listed as a hate site. You can see the full list below. Continue reading How to Determine Fake News Sites: List of False, Misleading, Clickbait, & Satirical “News” Sources