Texas couple’s dog killed over Hillary Clinton yard sign

Trump supporter kills dogIf you thought the 2008 election was bad with a black man running for the White House then the thought of four more years of his legacy and a woman as President have really got the Trump supporters fired up. In Richardson, Texas a couple are mourning the loss of their dog who was allegedly poisoned to death after having ingested a deadly neurotoxin.

The death of Matt and Beth Steadman’s two-year-old shepherd mix, named Abby, has been part of a series of attacks in their community to the couple because of a political sign in their front yard supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

hillary supporter“Hillary Clinton, I’m with her,” Steadman stated, but three signs endorsing the candidate have already been stolen. Many remember this happening back when Obama / Biden were running a tight race with many signs stolen but not all of the violent threats we are seeing now.

A note was left for the Steadmans stating “Hillary for Prison 2016” then the following day, the family’s vehicle was vandalized when someone poured bleach into the gas tank. Then came the worst of all the harassment when their dog Abby started shaking on Sunday. The couple rushed her to the vet, but on Tuesday their devoted little canine pal died; their veterinarian stating the dog had been poisoned.

No one knows for sure if their support for Clinton caused the vandalism of their new car or Abby’s death. No investigation is underway by police even though a report is on file. The couple will continue to support the candidate of their choice – isn’t that what America is all about? They hope someone comes forward and tells them who killed their dog and why. It’s not like Abby could even vote.

Rest in peace Abby.