Save Our Economy: Let The Terrorists Come Attack Us

A better quality life, better roads, better paid teachers, better schools, better airports, better with billions in America without spending billions in a worthless Iraq? I think I would rather have terrorists trying to bomb us over here on our turf since that is what the Republicans are saying is the reason American soldiers are there. Although they wouldn’t be able to since we would have invested more money in better terrorist fighting technology.

I don’t like to think how different our country would be these last six years, it makes me so sad I can hardly stand it. It’s going to take years to undo the mess the Republicans have made, with this war, the government so in debt, the programs you’re talking about slashed to ribbons, the REAL economy (read real people’s economic lives) destroyed. The sad thing is the terrorists don’t need to bomb us; the Republicans have destroyed our country far more effectively than our enemies ever could.

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