Watch Out for Happy Santa

best santa accused sexual predatorWhile conservative big mouths are bragging about the fact that MSNBC thought there were penguins on the north pole we have a MSNBC prison channel story for you…

These last few years we have seen Republicans in bathrooms, a blind govenor admitting to affairs in cheap hotels, cheerleaders going wild, and now we have a happy Santa.  I guess when you sit in Santa’s lap you may want to think twice of what is going on in his pants.  Ok, enough with the humor but this is kind of an oddball news story.

The newspaper story headline reads ‘Best Santa ever’ arrested in N.J. on Child Sex Charges.  I guess the war on Christmas has went to new highs now they are sending out Secret Santa’s or Private Santa’s as we shall call him.

He was found in dozen of raw child porn images (possibly from Thailand videos).  Wayne Nelson Corliss is the former Santa – I doubt he will get that gig anytime soon they may do a background check next time.  Federal Authorities claim he was producing child pornography and admitted to having sex with three 6-10 year old boys.

People who know Corliss are shocked and cannot understand how he could act one way in Thailand and another way in the U.S.  This just will really make Christmas more like Halloween when you are sitting through those photo shoots with Santa this year being paranoid about who is touching you or your kids.

Clowns always freaked me out anyway.  Not that I don’t like them but they scare me kind of like that Chuckey movie. I am just really freaked out because this guy really looks like Santa in this pic.

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