Saddam Hussein Hanging Video

If you are into the type of torture we always speak against or for capital punishment you may enjoy this video.  I do not enjoy this because it is sick and twisted watching someone hang.  I think we would be much better off having Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq than the mess that America has created without him in power.  Iran has got more control now without the scare of Saddam Hussein.

If you want to watch the video on You Tube of Saddam being hung here it is:  I advise that you watch it and be prepared to be shocked because it is not easy watching anyone die even someone who has done as much wrong as this powerful ex-leader of Iraq.  I would almost take more interest in hanging Osama Bin Laden than Saddam Hussein but we are after the wrong person as usual.

If you wish to watch the video do it on your own.  Just be prepared to have nightmares of the Wild Wild West days of America.

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