RuckPack Energy vs. 5 Hour Energy Shots

Watching the ABC hit show “Shark Tank” the other night it made me want this energy drink a marine promoted on the show. Not only is it supposed to be an energy drink but it seems to help marine families out when you make a purchase. Although the claim back in 2011, when the new shot company was featured in various conventions they claimed to give around 10% back to military families but maybe that was due to the ownership of the product by some in the military. We were impressed by the presentation by the marine who came on the “Shark Tank” show and then ran over to the RuckPack website to see how this product really compared to that of 5 Hour Energy which has been all over the headlines lately due to recent related deaths when taking the product. At least there are Federal investigations and hundreds of reporters trying to hold 5 Hour Energy responsible for deaths but we will see what holds true and if the product was really mixed with other things such as alcohol or prescription drugs or alone causing a fatality.

Rob Dyer indicated on the “Shark Tank” that RuckPack would be healthier than 5 Hour Energy so we thought we would compare some of the ingredients. He seems to base the product being healthier on it containing no caffeine though. I am not so sure that Caffeine is really the problem. The problem may be the fake sugars or sugar alternatives and other ingredients used. Coca-Cola, Tea, and Coffee all have Caffeine and you have never heard anyone dying from that. Then again you never hear of anyone dying directly from eating candy bars. The mixture of all of these ingredients along with alcohol and too much of it all may lead to brain toxicity though. I have also read that mixing it with prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Adrenal, or the street drugs Meth also could be harmful.

5 Hour energy claims to use no sugar and RuckPack has sugar in forms of fructose, stevia, and Xylitol. Why so much sugar? 5 grams of sugars and 8 grams of sugars alcohol as part of one shot or 60ml which is also a bit over 2 ounces. That seems like enough sugar to make you have a comedown that 5 hour energy advises against.

Why is it that no one can come up with an energy drink that is worthwhile? They always have too much of something bad and not enough good. Sugar is one of our worst enemies in ANY form. I would rather take sugar in its real form than all the sucrose and fructose mess. Just like I would have something less processed and in natural form.

Why is it impossible to get a product without sugar or sugar alternatives? We can’t recommend this product because of that reason. We do like that it has C0Q10 and 1,000mg of Vitamin C which you should be taking daily anyway. Other than that save your money and throw out the sugar.

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