Rep. Ron Paul Wins Republican Debate

I watched the Republican Debate on CNN last nite. It was rather entertaining. I love how Giuliani came back at McCain about him reading the 400 page immigration reform but I was really impressed by the Texan Ron Paul. Senator Sam Brownback was just horrible— he was asked the most moral question and his answer was “pro-life.” I mean come on you jerk what about the war going on and violence and shootings on campuses! Brownback is clueless. He needs to learn to be more like Ron Paul from Texas who can differentiate church and state.

There was an entertaining moment when Giuliani was asked about abortion and then lightning struck a few times and you could not hear what he was saying… some of the candidates stepped away from him it was funny. He finally got it out and he had a good response.

I can deal with Mitt Romney, Giuliani, and Ron Paul but not Brownback (Kansas) or Gov. Mike Huckabee (Arkansas). I thought Mitt Romney defended his faith well but Huckabee was very defensive sounding. I am so sick of faith being mixed into politics. I certainly do not think a preacher can run our country.

It is too bad Arnold could not be up there — then it would have been even better. Thompson will probably ride his Law and Order straight to the nomination

You can tell by watching Ron Paul speak that he is more sincere than McCain and Mayor 9-11. McCain is two-faced and will tell you anything. That is why he was boo’ed at a few university audiences and he deserved it. He is a good BS’er though. If Ron Paul wins the nomination I may vote Republican. Ron Paul is the only Republican that I like. The others drip with insincerity and ignorance. was quoted saying “All of the candidates danced around the question. Only Rep. Ron Paul of Texas called the war a mistake.”

Ron Paul was also on Bill Maher’s HBO season finale saying what a lot of us have been saying since 9/11—that it was gitback for the Gulf War’s “blasphemies”—the Muslims considered it blasphemy to put “infidels”, especially women infidels in camo, within a stone’s throw of their holiest places during the first Gulf War. I mean, when Muslims make their pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, they do it prayerfully and with cleansing rituals and extreme respect…for them, it’s the journey of a lifetime, something they do to honor God. And here’s these American soldiers, including women soldiers, just tromping around like they owned the place. Pissed them off a lot and Bin Laden used that outrage.

It’s hard to come up with an American parallel that would illustrate how they must have felt about it…most Americans don’t get universally emotional about any one thing that much.

Paul’s saying it is kind of like Nixon going to China—only a Republican could get away with it. If a Democrat said that, he or she would be gone.

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