Ron Paul Saving The Republican Party?

I think Ron Paul could be the answer the Republican party needs.  He is one person that is not going around in bathrooms, touching kids in weird ways, or being corrupt which is what the last few years of the word Republican has meant.  Republicans, in the last few years, have also been known to be big government and big spenders and big liars.

What makes Ron Paul different is the fact that he is a true Republican instead of one of these Neo-Conservatives who are up there to spread their hate and rhetoric all over the world.  Ron Paul stands for less government, less taxes, and all the things a true Republican should stand for.

This makes sense to me.  More money in the United States instead of blasting money to the Iraqi government and endless war of Neanderthals (we know all they do over there is fight, fight, fight so let them do it without us in the country).

Ron Paul has the backing of today’s youth and could change the youth into future republicans based on the hope that they will all someday have his aspirations.

If the race was between Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul I am not sure who I would vote for.  They are both great guys and could be incredible leaders of the free world.  I will vote for Hillary  if one of them do not make the ballot.

I look forward to a new republican party that is not ran by the “tax free” church groups and the extreme religious right.

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