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Ok, I just got through watching the segments on Youtube of the Glen Beck show featuring an hour with Dr. Ron Paul. I saw that some other blogs were stating Glen Beck was running some “Paul is Dead” at the bottom of the screen but I am still not sure what they are talking about because I did not notice it but then again I was more in tune to the interview itself than the “headline news” at the bottom.

Wow, this was a great interview I thought for an hour with Glen Beck. I feel that it was a fair and balanced interview for the most part. I am not even a big fan of Glen Beck because he seems very bipolar and Rush Limbaugh to me so it pains me to watch his show. Just like many of the shows including Nancy Grace on CNN they have gotten ridiculous to even waste time with its either celebrities on Anderson Cooper and Larry King or the rantings of Glen and Lou Dobbs. I prefer Keith Olbermann and most of the news on MSNBC until it comes time for the non-stop prison shows after “Live with Dan Abrams.”

I thought Ron Paul answered the questions superiorly and did an amazing job. Even on the 9-11 conspiracy questions that were thrown at him I thought he did a great job. I just cant say enough how this hour interview was so great you should watch it yourself!

His message was pretty simple – bring our troops home, quit wasting money in other countries, quit wasting tax money in general, and restore our constitution!
Fox & Friends Interview with Ron Paul

Now here is an interview that was NOT fair and balanced. These pinheads over at Faux News must have the biggest egos of all time. Yes, even bigger than Glen Beck and George Bush himself.

They are jealous because Ron Paul raised $6 million dollars in one day breaking records that the other republicans they are backing could not make. They asked Representative Paul to answer questions with ONE WORD ANSWERS in which was hugely unfair. Do they ask Guilini and Huckabee (Hickabee) to do the same?

I agree with Ron Paul that Governor Mike Huckabee’s commercial was sending a message that the other candidates were not “Christians.” Judging from what we have seen from Huckabee we know hes just running on his Baptist background and trying to mix religion and politics. When you strip the poor man of everything else there is nothing left to help our country out.

I can’t get enough of Ron Paul. I wish him luck and hope he beats out the neo-conservatives and restores something respectable within the GOP.

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