Rolling Stones Magazine Cover vs. the Bloody version

Today the internet is going crazy over the Rolling Stones magazine cover this month with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. It only got more crazy when a Massachusetts State Police officer has released never-before-seen photos of Boston bombing suspect which show him bloodied and bruised as sniper teams take aim at his head. It was posted on and took down the entire site with all of the traffic. Right now all you see is a server error. I am sure their hosting company did not like this too much as all the rest of the sites have been “terrorized”.

Sgt. Sean Murphy is a photographer with the state police released the photos because he was furious with Rolling Stone for running the now-infamous cover photo of Tsarnaev that many say glamorizes the Boston bombing suspect. He told the magazine that he wanted to counter the message he says Rolling Stone conveys. Although Rolling Stones calls him a “Monster” on the cover maybe he thought they misunderstood him for a “Little Monster” aka the Lady Gaga fans. Joking aside it all seems blown out of proportion to me.

7-Eleven you know the convenience store known for their high fructose corn syrup Slurpee’s full of nothing but sugar, chemicals, and food coloring has stepping up to the plate as a father figure saying they will ban the magazine. Rolling Stones magazine that is… isn’t 7-11 owned by Chavez or something? Anyway… it seems now that the Zimmerman trial is over we need something else to defriend people on Facebook over and now it is whether the Boston Bombing Suspect (well not exactly a suspect) should be unwillingly on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine.

I remember as a kid I was at Universal Studios in Hollywood and I posed for a Rolling Stones cover. It was not part of the publication but it was a fun thing you do there to get your photo on one at a kiosk. It is strange to look back and want to be on the cover of a certain magazine you look up to then see a terrorist on there. It does seem like they are glamorizing him but at the same time I think we are going too far on this. I think if you actually READ the article about the young man you might learn something and actually read the cover that says “Monster” you will realize Rolling Stones is not glamorizing him at all.

I think this is the most artistic photo which shows the moment he is surrendering to authorities after walking out of the boat. Rolling Stone magazine maybe should have used this one?

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