Religious Talk Radio Takes Over Dallas Market

Yes, you heard right about another religious station in Dallas.  This makes 40% of the stations now on the A.M. dial?  The other 60% or so go to conservative talk shows like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mike Savage.  Dallas ranks as nations fifth radio market.  Air America leaving a market as big as Dallas does some damage in my opinion especially at an election time.  Was this planned?  Is this part of the Republicans power plan right before the elections to silence the honest hardworking liberals?

Al Franken was promoting his new book in Ft. Worth, TX just two days before Air America went off the air to convert into a religious station.  Franken told the Star Telegram that there is nothing to worry about and “it happens all the time”.

Air America is on XM Satellite radio for those of you who cannot listen anymore – buy a car receiver with XM Satellite and make sure you tell them you are buying it for that reason!

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