Air America’s Randi Rhodes Makes It Big

You know you have hit the big time when you are all over mainstream media. There is that tipping point of an action or word that gets you to that huge place. I think she has hit the big time now but I am not sure if it was the right way to do it. I am not even sure if her career can go up from here.

I remember listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America when it was on the radio here in Dallas, TX. We got to her voice her hate of the Bush Administration and she made some really good points.. so many good points that I became addicted to listening to her. It even eased the traffic when I would travel to Los Angeles listening to her show.  She used to complain how hard it was to get on shows such as Larry King Live but now she has made it big and im sure it was no chore now.
I understand now she is working for a Clear Channel Station just minutes after Rush Limbaugh and living in the same city as Rush and Ann Coulter. Maybe these people deserve each other.. the far right and far left. My opinion of Randi Rhodes is not the same after her mean comment about Hillary Clinton. She needs to zip it. I am glad she is in good company with Rush. Maybe they have have puppies when he takes his Viagra. Maybe Miss. Coulter will join in?

I think she should apologize to Hillary. I do not plan on listening to her new syndicated show on Nova M Radio unless she does apologize.

2 thoughts on “Air America’s Randi Rhodes Makes It Big”

  1. I do take exception to any entity trying to suppress free speech or use specific instances to eliminate progressive voices.

    In this case Ms Rhodes was not on the Air but performing at a sponsored benefit of about 500 paid guests. She was doing a stand up routine which if fairly common in these types of events.Bill Maher, Whoppie and others do the same stuff.

    Her current Owners who recently bought Air America including contracts with the network hosts were trying to force Ms Rhodes to amened her contract to fit their agenda. Sound Familiar?

    This bit was sensationalized to pressure Ms Rhodes and force others at the progressive network to do the bidding of the owners who may or may not be supportive of Democratic progressive issues.

    My point is that Ms. Rhodes has done massive amounts of research and maintained opinions which benefit the American public NOT the political insiders or pandering politicians. She has also supported numerous public events and sponsored to help educate and support an end to this illegal and unconstitutional war! She is a friend of Veterans and the troops overseas. If we do not support her voice as she is on our air waves and base our support of her on this single private event I sense we will be just cutting our nose off to spite our face and certainly doing an unforgivable injustice to this gal who is behind the progressive voices of this country!

    I also want to point out that it has been the goal of some to silence the voices of strong women in the radio medium and it’s appalling! I applaud all progressive women in the media an we need more!

    All that being said I want to remind everyone about the quote from Voltaire

    “I may not agree with what you say , but I will fight to the death your right to say it”

  2. Good points. I understand she was doing this for a comedy thing but come on… this is a woman who lots of liberals and progressives look up to who is calling Hillary a Whore at a time when things are this sensitive. Randi Rhodes is not known as a comedian she is a radio talking head/pundit… Bill Maher is a comedian – he does that for a living. What if Chris Matthews said the same thing?

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