Pope’s Birthday at Whitehouse

Something I really could care less about. All you see on the local and national news today is the endless going on and on about the Pope’s visit to the U.S. The media acts like God himself is walking around and meeting George Bush at the airport. Are they trying to convert everyone over to Catholicism?

Get over it… There are bigger things going on in the world besides the Papal visit but I guess it is a slow news day. Although the Democratic Debate took place in Philadelphia today with Hillobama. From the looks of it ABC really took aim at Obama in a tabloid kind of way. Just like the media going on about the Pope the media cannot seem to stick to the issues of the presidential race. It’s the issues that count not the silly tabloid personal junk that keeps being thrown out.

Thank God for Tivo that I can fast-forward past the Pope’s appearances.

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