Police Spray Mace all over the US Constitution

Is America beginning to disregard the Constitution and ignore Freedom of Speech? It sure looks like it when you see these #OWS Occupy Wall Street protesters who are mostly peaceful getting sprayed by mace and injured by violent acts from police officers in some cities. The scenes coming in from NYC, Seattle, Oakland, and some college campuses are just troubling. Especially when you see 80-yr old men being maced in the face, women blocked in barriers and maced, and a former marine getting head injuries not from serving in Iraq but from thinking he could speak in America. This picture pretty much sums up how our freedoms have gone downhill.

I really hope this does not turn into a civil war but all hands are pointed this direction. The peaceful protests may get worse when people start loosing more jobs and the 1% get even more tax breaks. Companies still hiding more money overseas and not being stopped. Congress is taking bribes from all of the lobbyists. The 99% will finally just quit being peaceful and then we will really have problems. But for now we need to punish these police officers who have done this to people they are supposed to serve. They should not just be told to take paid leave but to be fired completely so this will be assured it will not happen again. I would serve them 2 years in jail for the assaults they have committed spraying mace chemicals into peoples mouths and down their throats.

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