Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf Visits North Texas

I was sitting at my favorite Mexican restaurant (Manny’s Tex Mex) on the patio in uptown Dallas the other day enjoying my chips and salsa and this crazy motorcade came down the street of every police car you could imagine on the Dallas police force.  Everyone on the patio went up to the fence to see what was going on we thought there was a bomb threat or maybe it was the funeral for the former governor.

Someone yelled it was a parade of some kind for the Dallas police department – must have seen 30 Dallas Police cars -  but I saw some cars that looked more like FBI SUVs, and secret service cars with lights you see in the movies going down the street.  Whenever President Clinton came to visit The University of Central Oklahoma after the Oklahoma Bombing (which I had a premium seat) he was not escorted by so many police!

Anyway it ended up being no other than the President of Pakistan visiting Dallas and Highland Park (the high class neighborhood of Dallas).  Watched him on The Daily Show last night it was a neat interview.  The President of Pakistan was in Paris, TX where he had a medical check up there and visited his good friend the Doctor (small world).  It seems like he is traveling all over the country and appearing on all the talk shows.

After a volatile week of high-level meetings in New York and Washington, Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf said Saturday in Highland Park (Dallas, TX) that his trip has helped “clear certain misperceptions” about Pakistan’s role in the war on terror.

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