A Place For Radical Republicans To Meet

Bill Maher Comedy & Politics on HBO If you prefer guys with a John Bolton mustache you can log on to and meet that special someone. The best place on the internet to meet radical neo-conservatives. Of course this site is not real but it’s the latest funny commercial aired on Bill Maher on HBO. Gotta love his “fake commercials” on the hit HBO show. I will definitely be watching him in Washington D.C. on October 8th.

Bill Maher on Religion from

pimpin with Bin Laden

Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf Visits North Texas

I was sitting at my favorite Mexican restaurant (Manny’s Tex Mex) on the patio in uptown Dallas the other day enjoying my chips and salsa and this crazy motorcade came down the street of every police car you could imagine on the Dallas police force.  Everyone on the patio went up to the fence to see what was going on we thought there was a bomb threat or maybe it was the funeral for the former governor.

Someone yelled it was a parade of some kind for the Dallas police department – must have seen 30 Dallas Police cars -  but I saw some cars that looked more like FBI SUVs, and secret service cars with lights you see in the movies going down the street.  Whenever President Clinton came to visit The University of Central Oklahoma after the Oklahoma Bombing (which I had a premium seat) he was not escorted by so many police!

Anyway it ended up being no other than the President of Pakistan visiting Dallas and Highland Park (the high class neighborhood of Dallas).  Watched him on The Daily Show last night it was a neat interview.  The President of Pakistan was in Paris, TX where he had a medical check up there and visited his good friend the Doctor (small world).  It seems like he is traveling all over the country and appearing on all the talk shows.

After a volatile week of high-level meetings in New York and Washington, Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf said Saturday in Highland Park (Dallas, TX) that his trip has helped “clear certain misperceptions” about Pakistan’s role in the war on terror.

No More Two-Steppin’ In LA

Los Angeles and New York City have always downplayed country radio compared to the sounds of urban but this time they went too far. While country music has not been good to liberals it is still a great music to follow and every city deserves a country radio station. This is a major culture loss in my opinion.

With no Country station left in the LA market, former KZLA listeners are trying to convince someone else to fill the format gap created last week when Emmis switched the station to “Movin 93.9,” with a Rhythmic Pop Contemporary format and Rick Dees in the morning.

The mega-mergers in radio have taken away lots of the best programming and disc jockeys but we still have satellite radio with XM and Sirius. The best way to protest this change if you are a KZLA listener is to turn it to Air America on the AM. That will teach them!

My advice: KZLA should have played more Dixie Chicks.

Madonna Concert

Would you judge President Bush before you even had the chance to see him in action?  I wouldn’t.  Just like I would not judge Madonna before I saw her live in Concert.  The Pope was invited to watch the heavily entertaining concert but instead criticized it.  That is his loss.  He could have went to the concert then had a leg to stand on and told us of its real meaning which is about love and making different religions and nationalities come together as one.  Madonna is more about unity than most people think.  Her hit “Music” describes it better how she makes the people come together.Hannity and Colmes recently talked about the disco crucifixion scene at the latest Madonna concert and Hannity said that “Madonna is a has-been”.  She is making headlines and could certainly teach Hannity a few things.  Does Sean Hannity get to make out with Britney and Christina Aguilera at the MTV VMA Awards?

Thank God for Artists like Madonna and The Dixie Chicks who stand up to our President and to Fox News slanted journalism.

Madonna donated over 3 million this year to charities and a percentage of her concert earnings to 9-11 families on her last tour.  Madonna has also donated almost 5 million in Kabbalah related charities alone in the last four years.

If you get a chance to watch the Madonna concert on NBC this fall make sure you see it in its entirety.  Better yet, make sure you see it live while shes on tour even if it’s a long flight to another country.  It will be the best concert you have ever seen.  She makes the Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Janet, Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks, and many others look completely lame.  I would say a Madonna concert is something like Cirque de la (amazing dancing scenes), “So You Think You Can Dance”, mixed in with some Madonna and then some George Bush comedy.

Give it up Joe Lieberman

Oh, don’t you love it? Finally, a sign that the Democrats are getting a little disciplined. But we’ll see how his Naderesque campaign goes…

The democrats have spoken about Senator Joe Lieberman who sucks up to Bush on a regular basis on the Iraq War. Now he is going to run as an Independent… Give it up Joe…it is over.

While we are against him running as an Independent hurting the Democratic cause we do find wrong in the site being hacked. We notice Lieberman’s website is still down. Hopefully they catch the person who hacked his site. That is certainly not a fair way to play. Whoever did that should go to prison for a very long time. They should treat hacking just like they would any other fraud, or voter/jury tampering.