Oklahoma Christian Radio Station Manager calls Obama “dumb ni**er”

It seems that people would learn from outbursts of others such as Rush Limbaugh but the latest comes from an Oklahoma Christian radio station manager. Obama was in Cushing, Oklahoma today to expedite the opening of a gas pipeline while a so-called Christian was screaming out the N-word on Facebook.

We are calling all advertisers with The Gospel Station who owns 93.9 FM in Oklahoma to discontinue advertising. The manager of that radio station felt the need to call our President a “dumb ni**er” on a public Facebook page. As someone who advertises with a christian radio network, I am sure that this is appalling to you as it is to me. Several people have reached out to the owners of this radio station to no avail.

I am sure your company has many African American customers who would find this completely uncalled for. Hopefully as an advertiser you can communicate your views to the owners of this network on this issue, as word continues to spread about this, the pressure will build and hopefully the station in question will take the right actions against their employee Mr Teddy Oyler.

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