No More Two-Steppin’ In LA

Los Angeles and New York City have always downplayed country radio compared to the sounds of urban but this time they went too far. While country music has not been good to liberals it is still a great music to follow and every city deserves a country radio station. This is a major culture loss in my opinion.

With no Country station left in the LA market, former KZLA listeners are trying to convince someone else to fill the format gap created last week when Emmis switched the station to “Movin 93.9,” with a Rhythmic Pop Contemporary format and Rick Dees in the morning.

The mega-mergers in radio have taken away lots of the best programming and disc jockeys but we still have satellite radio with XM and Sirius. The best way to protest this change if you are a KZLA listener is to turn it to Air America on the AM. That will teach them!

My advice: KZLA should have played more Dixie Chicks.

2 thoughts on “No More Two-Steppin’ In LA”

  1. I say hit them in the advertisers. As former KZLA listeners, any company that considers a format change to country will be supported along with their advertisers.

    XM and Sirus do not have the radio talent our KZLA had. We were a family and we liked that.

  2. CountryKitten,

    I agree. You would think Country would know by now that corporate america does not care about their niche. I hope the same people who go vote this fall keep this in mind. Do you want Clear Channel or Viacom or a mega-monopoly owning every station in your city? This needs to end.

    I was around in Oklahoma City when KEBC (Keep Every Body Country) was turned into 95X – an alternative station when Clear Channel took it over. They then bought up two more country stations and ended up messing up the ratings of those stations so bad they had to cut back on dj’s/staff. The good folks at KEBC opened up another station in the OKC Market and beat out the Clear Channel stations.

    Thanks for posting on Live Real!~

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