New York Times Archives

I received an email stating that the New York Times archives were free for a trial period. I had been looking at it for almost a week now and not even realizing you could go back to 1851 and see selected articles of the Titanic sinking and the Eiffel Tower reaching its height. Thanks for the tip about free New York Times. This looks like a week long promotion for the New York Times to increase online and print customers since it’s just a tease that ends in a day or so. I have to wonder how charging for their content is working out for them. I quit visiting their website because the main thing I was interested in was the editorials and they don’t even let you peek at those anymore without paying $60 or so a year.

You only have a few more days to browse through the archives but its neat they back date all the way until 1851. As you can see below it has been since 1916 since the first woman was elected to Congress and we finally have the first woman speaker of the House. Here are some of the articles from the files of the New York Times:

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