New Political Blog for Conservative Issues

First of all, this is a blog for Progressive politics but in a way that we seek progression through less government but without cutting out government regulation such as the FDA.  The FCC that might be another story since its really done nothing but let XM and Sirius merge and that ended up bad for consumers. This blog is your Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow listeners who are open minded and want to know about Bush Gate, see Palin make a fool out of hersef, among other things.  We love to see change and see Hillary and Obama take back the country from 8 years of economical fallout including the devastating loss of lives and money in Iraq.

While I have mostly turned into a Libertarian because they share more values with me than the Democratic party there is just no way to vote big L each time. I found that mostly judges have more a chance of winning as libertarians than bigger political offices.  I am for less gvmt, less taxes, and a more fair tax system.  I want more privacy without all these post-911 “terrorist” privacy invasions.  That means less freedom for all Americans.

Then you have bloggers who tend to be on the side of the religious right who are just hardcore do not care what anything but what they think they have been told to do by the higher power.  These untaxed churches or organizations who will rather spend money on things such as Proposition 8 than give money to the homeless or help raped girls are what you call the religious right.

What do the true Conservatives have to say on issues?
Although I did happen to see this blog that spoke of some better, more traditional values here in America coming from a Republican or Conservative who is scared of where the nation is headed.  He looks in his brokerage account everyday and feel its Obama coming in office that is making things go the wrong direction.  He has strong opinions on Gold, Oil, and Politics… and you may want to add Sports into the mix of the blog over at  If you are worried about paying higher taxes under an Obama administration or if you are worried that unions are the problem with GM and Ford then turn over to the blog and POST your comments.

If you find a political blog that gets peoples bloods flowing or is a blog with some good facts cited let us know.  We love to find newsworthy, funny, and resource blogs for politics and money online.  Nothing wrong with 5 or 6 more blogs in our RSS Reader.

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