NBC Censors Madonna’s Crucifixion Plea for AIDS Awareness

Backing away from a confrontation with religious groups, NBC said Thursday it has decided not to show pictures of Madonna mounting a Crucifix when it airs a concert special with the pop star in November.

Now we know that NBC is scared of the religious right.  I love my CNBC On The Money but not anymore.  I plan to ban CNBC, NBC, and MSNBC.  If they censor a cross scene from the Madonna concert because some uninformed church groups think it is bad taste then they are obviously hiding good news content from most of America.  I no longer will trust NBC News.  It is too bad that this did not air on MTV or on HBO instead.

The sad part of this entire story is that Madonna is on the cross to draw attention to the global problem of AIDS and HIV.  The cross is not meant as a publicity stunt or to offend Christians but to make them aware of the problem in the world they are avoiding.  It is the media that is getting a publicity stunt off of Madonna by trying to make her look bad.

NBC will still show a performance of “Live to Tell,” but use different camera angles so that Madonna isn’t seen until she gets off the cross.

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