Romney Drops Out

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney dropped out of the race today after he meet with his team and realized they were climbing an uphill battle.  His speech mad him sound like some guy living in the 1940’s in a place called Pleasantville.  Of course this Pleasantville would only have white families who were straight and Mormon wearing sweaters and preppy hair do’s.

Back to reality and Planet Earth Romney decided he better end this race for the White House.  I think his speech mentioned how sexual the country was getting — I do not think he mentioned VIOLENCE… but sex of course.  He mentioned the gays wanting to get married to show us how straight and conservative he would be if he were in office.

Romney mentioned that he had to step down because if he did not then the terrorists would basically take over our country.  Wasted was millions of dollars he spent on his own for the campaign but he got to have his last words.  Jay Leno even said in an interview with Ron Paul that hes a changed man from what he said years ago to what he says now.

Well God Bless America that Mitt Romney has dropped out!  How about that for some religious words for ya.  Now if we can just get Huckabee and McCain to drop out and let Ron Paul run the show we will really be blessed.

I think Romney was desperate and made himself a jerk in his farewell speech.  He should stay out of politics and go back to Romneyville where live is grand and he does not have to see any gays, women, or minorities.

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