Mike Galanos and CNN Headline News

What ever happened to the Cable News Network you know the station called CNN that used to actually bring us the news.  They were the only news network on cable but of course now we have their sister Fox News which is not any better.

Fox News which is also known as the Bush Talking points network claims it is fair and balanced but its news people have to comment on everything.  Recently, CNN has became so bad that there is no Cable News Network to watch but MSNBC.   Well whenever MSNBC is not playing prison shows.

CNN, also known as the Anti-Immigration network, a topic they will not shut up about has an anchor for the Prime Headline News named Mike Galanos.  Mike Galanos interviews people and answers their questions with bias before they even get to open their mouth.

This is not news and certainly should not be called Prime news or Headline News.  Mike Galanos is nothing but an anchor who is judging others and showing bias and barely reading us the news and facts that we turn to CNN to hear.  CNN needs to stop with the tabloid heads and read us the news… maybe bring us more news and facts instead of the pork.

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  1. with all the media manupilation of gas prices are you going to be the one who exposes,alternatives for fosil fuels for the american consumer such as solar technology,hydro tech.,and electric energy that is posible today not in the future.who is willing to help the consumer,the poor man the Middle Class,The Main Tax Payer of this nation alternatives to this (so called )crisis we are currently in.Please leave the details of options in alternative transportationt to the tax paying consumers.Of how far we can travel,and how fast we can travel,and the cost of our travel to to the tax payer of this great nation.(I think you could be the Man to exposed the lies told to this god fearing nation.I can tell Mike that you are truely a real christian,and father with real concerns.Please make a Stand!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE it’s the right thing to do!!!!!!

  2. For: Mike Galanos
    Re: Why Believe in G-D, be good for goodness sake.

    Why is it when independent thinkers make a statement regarding G-D, or the lack of belief in G-D the Christian population gets all bent out of shape? The other night you had spokespersons on from a Christian viewpoint, and one from a humanitarian viewpoint, debating about the goodness of man, and why believe in G-D, one only needs humanity. I do not think this was a message against any religion but, more about people being good just because it is right, religion does not necessarily make you good. Laws of Humanity were around long before man believed in the one G-D which gave the begining of the monotheoritic beliefs of the 3 Abrhamic religions. Actual the pagans believe in Do No Harm…and pagans were here long before Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    It is ludicrious for people of faith to become angry at an advertisement for free thinkers. This ad does not put down believe in G-D, just poses a question. The priest or pastor on behalf of the Christians is slightly erroring when he said, Christians are most tolerant. Um, not really, if radio stations, tv and stores did not push Christmas in everything from Halloween to New Years day they would be crying from the roof tops, after all the whole world is not Christian, yet we must be inudated with Christmas for over 1 month. The Muslims don’t push Ramadan and the Jews don’t push Chanukah, and other religions do not push their beliefs. Personally, I become a little irratated with songs of the season being only Christimas songs, and most of them not generic either, but the more serious, as Silent Night and The First Noel fill the air waves. I am sure that if only Chankuah songs were played Christians would not be so tolerant. Tolerant, isn’t something to be so proud of either, why not acceptance, of other religions or people of no faith. They are entitled to their beliefs just as Christians are entitled to theirs. Christians have been placing ads in the public forum such as Only through Jesus can you be accepted, for many years. Should we stop their voices because not all believe in their doctrine?

  3. I like your show mike.but on morning after pill.I don,t like it either but its better then having a bunch of unwanted un loved babies who might end up in trash bens or in a field some where.I am 77 and have many kids and love them all.

  4. I think they run a good story in the ground day after day.how can they find a jurly that hasn,t already made up ther minds.I don,t like the morning after pill either but I think its better then having a bunch of unwanted babies throen in the trash or beat to death.

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