Ethanol, McCain, Quote of the Week

Fortune magazine had the funniest political quote of the week in my opinion.  They were speaking of Senator John McCain having a problem with ethanol.  I agree with the flip-flopping and presidential brown-nosing senator on this one issue.  Even though McCain just seems so fake in what he says that nothing is believable.

McCain’s argument says that gasoline prices are higher because of the government support for ethanol.  I agree, there are better alternatives we should be promoting besides ethanol but every other politician wants the votes from farmers.  In reality, Hawaii could probably produce sugar into ethanol cheaper than the Iowa farmers could use their corn resources like they do at Archer Midland Daniels (ADM).

Mike “Heckuva Job” Brown would stand a better chance of winning an election in New Orleans than an anti-ethanol candidate would of winning Iowa’s caucus.

– QUOTE from Jon Birger, Fortune senior writer

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