Mary Fallin Brings More “Family Values” to Republican Party

While everyone is up in arms over the Mark Foley Scandal you hear nothing about Mary Fallin of Oklahoma City. When Mary Fallin admitted that she kissed and had inappropriate contact with the state employee there was silence on the part of partisans and on the part of the media (including local KFOR, KWTV, KOCO). Where is Linda Cavanaugh when you need her? Mary Fallin denied they had actual intercourse, but admitted to “making out.” while she was married.

The Oklahoma State Trooper lost his job, resigning after the scandal erupted. Republicans were incensed when Bill met Monica and demanded impeachment. Where was their no outrage for Mary Fallin? It was obviously missing since they elected her to a higher position. Perhaps the lack of outrage is centered around some sort of double standard, after all she’s “just a woman and he was a willing participant”, according to one republican source. Mary Fallin and Mark Foley are two peas in a pod if you ask me. This republican hypocrite claims she is a republican (well thats for sure), a Christian, and an American. She is also a Fornicator.

It is too bad Lt. Governor Mary Fallin will probably win the office since she has a democrat running against her that nobody has ever heard of and that doesn’t even have money for commercials. They are going to have a debate this week so hopefully the Democrat will get some air time if the local media will allow.

2 thoughts on “Mary Fallin Brings More “Family Values” to Republican Party”

  1. This was very interesting, especially heartening to see that not only are there Democrats in OK but that they have a cool website at! There’s HOPE in redstate America.

    But at least this woman was canoodling with someone old enough to know better. Though I noticed that she did the usual custody accusations against her ex…”he does drugs” and “inappropriate relationship with child”. I hope, for the sake of the kid, that there’s a decent judge involved in deciding who gets custody. Mom sounds ready to pull every trick in the book.

    One of the parts of my job that I hate is deciding who gets named “representative payee” for children’s Social Security checks when there’s some family squabble involved. And quite often, the parent or relative who is the most questionable in re having the child’s interests at heart, is the first one to say “well, drugs are involved”, apparently in the belief that the red-flag accusation alone will be enough to get themselves named payee. Parents fight dirty when kids are involved and even dirtier if there’s money to be had. You have to check it all out, of course, but usually it’s just bull from somebody with nothing else to offer to support their claim. I bet there’s the same sort of thing at work in this case.

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