Liberal Investing

If you wish to go green with your investing for 2007 there are many routes you can take these days.  One route you can take is investing with Sunpower (SPWR), a play on global solar cells products that are more efficient that most solars.  Sunpower is also less obtrusive than windpower but comes with more expense for consumers.  I have invested in SPWR and seen some good gains so far out of this stock.

Yesterday’s announcement of the new iphone from Apple Computer which also changed to Apple Inc. left America’s jaws wide open.   We were all in shock over the computer maker’s switch into the digital world with a breakthrough iPod phone that is 500 times better than even the latest iPod.  This is the first invention made out of America in decades that I feel will actually do some good for our exports to other countries.  I think the iPhone is ahead of other phone products including Treo and Motorola by five years at least (as Steve Jobs says).  Every liberal should own shares of AAPL known for Apple Inc.  The only problem I have with the new iPhone is their relationship with the monopoly of AT&T (T) who owns Cingular Wireless.

Other liberal stock plays include alternative forms of energy, organic grocers, and companies that give back to the community.  Energy may not be a good area to be in right now with gas prices so low but we have heard that Whole Foods could be a bargain at its current low stock price.  The Whole foods ticker symbol on the stock market is WMFI.  Other organic foods stocks are HAIN Celestial foods under symbol HAIN.

There are many companies that help out the environment and save on the bottom line while saving energy.  I would look for stocks of companies that build buildings that retain heat and use solar energy.  Whole Foods, for instance, contracts wind energy to use for most of its stores.

Jim Cramer on CNBC’s Mad Money says it best when he told a caller that you can invest in what you think will make money then after the money is made it’s what you do with the money that matters.  If you invest in Altria who owns Kraft and Marlboro cigarettes then you could turn that profit into a donation to a charitable trust like Jim Cramer does.

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