Liberal Fascism

Glen Beck interviewed Jonah Goldberg who is a contributing editor for National Review and author of ‘Liberal Fascism’ earlier tonight.  Glen Beck was basically promoting Goldberg’s book talking about how liberals call conservatives fascists but yet they are actually fascists themselves.  It’s like name-calling of name-calling.

The best part is that if you sign up for Glen’s email list you get to hear more of Goldberg’s conservative mutterings.  That would really make all of my dreams come true.

The New York Times did a good review of the book if you want to read it or you can go out and buy the book to torture yourself further.  You could also read National Review for free for the extra waterboarding effect.

I just laughed when they compared Hitler’s being a Vegetarian to liberals who are vegan or eat only vegetables.  That statement right there made me loose their credibility.  Sometimes you can tell just in an interview what a dumb-headed label-pin-headed individual these neo-cons really are.

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