Religious right video game spreading violence and hate

First it was these crazy religious extremists protesting at military funerals, blaming hurricanes on gays, while some of them going after 16-yr-old boys and doing methamphetamines. It seems the religious right is at it again. Just when you think you can sit down without these hypocrites spreading hate and violence they are now doing it in video games.

Yes, the game made for kids just like all video games will more than likely be sitting under a Christmas tree this year of unsuspecting parents. On CNBC today the battle against the religious right based violent video game was Clark Stevens, Co-Director of The Campaign To Defend the Constitution, who appeared On the Money. Stevens is running a campaign to make Wal-Mart aware of the violence in this “Christian” video game that is targeted to young adults and kids. Yes, all video games are targeted to kids whether we like it or not. has asked that Wal-Mart take the video games off their shelves but some claim it is censorship to do so.

Let’s look at the facts about Wal-Mart and their biased censorship. Wal-Mart already censors EVERY SINGLE CD that they sell if it contains lyrics that are obscene or lyrics that Wal-Mart deems not appropriate. Wal-Mart did not even sell Jon Stewart’s Daily Show book a few years ago during Christmas time so why are they carrying this violent Religious right hate game. Wal-Mart is kissing butt to the religious right this year since they have been missing earnings estimates and their stock is failing to please investors.

The game is called Left Behind: Eternal Forces which can be found at Wal-Mart and Sam’s clubs locations. Left Behind: Eternal Forces lets you kill people who do not believe in the same things you do. This is just not a proper way to teach kids and the youth market that it targets to be involved in such hate. That is just as bad as the terrorists that have such radical ideas of suicide bombs.

This brutal game urges born-again Christians to convert or kill others who don’t adhere to their extreme ideology – including Muslims, Jews, and Catholics. While the religious right has not yet come out against this hate and intolerance masquerading as a children’s game, America’s #1 video game seller should know better.

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