Celebrities: Our Cell Phones are Watching

If you have not had a chance to see the uncut version of the Kramer character from Seinfeld going off on hecklers in his comedy appearance you must see it now. Here it is on Youtube. Michael Richards made it big off the NBC sitcom playing the Kramer character on “Seinfeld,” but may now fall victim of a media sweeps week. Move over O.J. Simpson…

I was amazed by this temper tantrum from Michael Richards. I know African-Americans are known to be loud and dis-respectful sometimes (since I went to an all black highschool) but to go off on anyone in this type of extremity is a little too far. Richards should have just said “you are outta-here” maybe embarrassed them by making fun of them like they do at drag shows I go to but not by saying racial slurs – unless they mean it in a funny way without so much hate involved.

We’re a racist society and I bet if any of us were pushed by a black person hard enough, that would come out. But I think his career was already in a nose dive anyway. The heckler was right, all he had was Seinfeld and that was about it. One trick pony. Go back to college.

This is the age of viral videos on Youtube and sites like TMZ.com. Celebrities, politicians, preachers, and anyone in the public eye cannot hide from cell phone video recordings. If you put your foot in your mouth it will be there for a long time. Even the police need to think before beating up people because cell phone cameras are watching everyone wherever we go!

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