Keith Olbermann Countdown Too Busy Bashing Hillary to Report Other News

What has happened to the Countdown with Keith Olbermann who used to have a good, quality show?  The MSNBC show has not turned into a big Obama commercial just going on and on about Hillary’s campaign mistakes.

What about Ron Paul? You never hear a glitch of Ron Paul mentioned on Countdown.  I am having to turn over to Glen Beck just to get the other side of the story.  I think the programming over at MSNBC needs to wake up to the rest of the world out there.

One major thing that Countdown did not mention was the Sally Kern scandal in Oklahoma City.  Countdown you would have though could have mentioned her as one of the World’s Worst Persons but there was NO mention of Sally Kerns… you know the lady (not very lady-like) who referred to Gays as Terrorists.

I expect the Faux News folks or the CNN Immigration Channel not to mention Sally Kerns but why has MSNBC not even mentioned it.  It makes me wonder what other news we are missing out on because of their anti-Hillary parade.  From now on I will just tivo Countdown and fast forward through any mentions of Obama or Hillary.  I plan on just watching Countdown for the Odd Ball and the World’s Best Persons then switch the TV off and not rely on any of these non-stop talking heads.

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