Joe The Plumber Say’s No To Dems Agenda

Joe The Plumber View of the 2008 presidential election:

1 LIBERAL SOCIALIST VS AN AMERICAN. Well, here we are about to elect a president in the most important election in American history.
Obama has no resume for the economy, foreign policy, and has written papers on his stand to destroy free enterprise America; and backed it up with the most liberal voting record in American politics. America was built on free enterprise – Not redistribution of wealth.
McCain is an American hero with the credentials to get our American troops home, right the economy, and CHANGE government to a role of responsibility.

2 CHANGE. How on earth could Obama be about CHANGE? obama sleeps with the whole gang of biden, peloski, schummer, dodd, reid, hagel, franks, kuninich, krugman, bernie sanders, corzine, …. This is a gang of socialists that have consistently voted for bigger government and bigger taxes on individuals and corporations, fought free trade, ….
If you look at the numbers of government for the past 50 years (we won’t even talk about the forefathers creating America out of the need for being free of a bully government); -you will notice how government jobs, gov ownership, gov control, gov taxes on America keep going one direction –which is up. There is a point that higher taxes turn America into the obama castro doctrine. The obama castro doctrine is a redistribution of wealth to make America turn into a nation of poverty, a nation where gov controls and owns what is left of America that foreign countries don’t already own due to our dependency on foreign oil. As the leader of Venezuela just said: “squeal Yankee squeal!” The obama castro doctrine is a redistribution of wealth until American free market capitalism is destroyed; and everyone gets to enjoy poverty.
Ask obama if anything on his agenda is one iota different than peolski, schummer, biden, franks, reid, hagel, kuninich, krugman, bernie sanders, corzine, …? NO, you get the same old socialist agenda.
Ask obama how much is too much tax on an individual and how much is tax is too much tax on a corporation? 50% 60% 70%? There is one thing to be sure of: obama will destroy America with this march on more gov jobs, more taxes, more gov control, ….

3 THE RACE VOTE. Look, if a white guy was running for president who had a resume of being a community organizer, having a relationship with a terrorist 10 years ago (bill ayers is no friend of America today any more than several years ago), most liberal voting record in American politics, endorsed a preacher (rev jerimiah wright who has preached racial hate and a hate of America) for 20 years -until a poll showed obama would lose the election if he did not dump the guy, contributed $800,000 plus to the acorn voter fraud organization, took more money from fannie and freddie than anyone else in politics except dodd, lies about issue after issue as described in other paragraphs, flip flops on every issue the same day a poll shows he will lose the election if he does not CLAIM to have seen the light (one glaring example is offshore drilling –obama changed his mind the day the polls went 80% of America for offshore drilling), …
Well, The obvious answer is the socialist liberal media has convinced half of America that it’s ok to turn America into a one party system of socialists. America is a country of freedom; -and specifically freedom from gov ownership of everything. This freedom is why so many American soldiers gave their lives in past wars; and now the socialist liberal media is one vote from making that sacrifice for nothing.

4 SOCIALISTS? duhhh. Let’s finally call this bunch of socialists what they are: obama, peloski, schummer, dodd, reid, hagel, franks, biden, kuninich, krugman, bernie sanders, corzine, … are socialists. You can lie about being a democrat, republican, mayor, governor, part of media, …; but if everything you do points to making America a socialist country –then quit lying about it.
The definition of socialism as most Americans see it: Socialism is when government jobs, government taxing individuals, government ownership of corporations and business, -has grown too large and destroyed private enterprise capitalism. For the worthless in media –bill maher is a classic media antiAmerican jerk: America rose above all other countries to lead the world for the last 100 years because of individuals that enjoyed the opportunity of free market capitalism.
No one ever came to America for the American Dream to work for the government.

5 THE ECONOMY. Who caused the housing meltdown? you can usually follow the money: obama and biden top the list of receiving fannie and freddie money. We don’t need bigger government -The gov failed you. We need gov that takes responsibility for the job it is supposed to be doing. There was gov regulation in place for banks, wall street, housing, and so on –but the gov did not take responsibility for doing it’s job.
The solution is not to just make gov bigger and throw more tax dollars at it; -which is the obama biden peloski socialist approach to every issue. The solution is for McCain to be president; and make the government we have now take some responsibility. There was not one congressional hearing (an everyday occurrence the last 2 years of pointing fingers at the evil exxon and making all corporations out to be evil) –when all this socialist bunch needed was a mirror to see who caused the financial meltdown.
The financial crisis meltdown was partly because of investors seeing the light of an obama victory ending the ability of American business to compete globally. The ability of American free enterprise capitalism has been the envy of the world for 100 years; but you can just raise the corporate tax and the tax on individuals so much; -and you destroy American business.
If McCain was a lock to win this election: Wall Street would rally 3000 points in 1 day because McCain has stood for America first –instead of decisions based on lobbying, polls, socialism, republican party good and bad ideas, …. McCain has the real deal to energy independence with American oil and gas –which is the only path to reasonable alternative energy. McCain will fast-track getting nuclear energy on line –obama is lying on his flip-flop on nuclear, -no nuclear plant would be built under obama.
McCain is for all the right tools to right the economy immediately. The obama strategies are a disaster for American business. McCain wants free enterprise jobs. obama wants government jobs using your tax money.

The financial meltdown had a major cause in Fannie and Freddie – and who leads in receiving money from Fannie and Freddie = obama and dodd. Without Paulsen, one of the few real Americans in Washington – America would already be in the middle of a depression worse than 1930. Bernake and Paulsen can’t produce 1 barallel of crude oil to relieve the American economy from paying $700 billion to foreign countries for oil. Do not be fooled by a drop in oil price due to global recession –America will still be importing 70% of our crude oil.

schummer immediately saying the $750b bailout proposed by Paulsen would have to be made in several payments/voting/oversight from congress killed the bailout from having immediate success in restoring trust in the American economy. Sometimes voting for America is better than running off at the mouth.
schummer is the same guy that wanted to hold up selling US manufacturing goods to opec -unless opec lowers the price of crude oil. schummer is not real bright.

6 Iraq war. Interesting the dems are so superior acting about the Iraq war – the dems got us into Vietnam (JFK); and got most of the 50,000 American troops killed (Lyndon Johnson). So there you can see the history of how well the dems handled THEIR WAR. obama wanting to go blazing into Afanganistan and Pakistan chasing bin ladin is sheer dangerous ignorance with all of the consequences of American Soldiers getting killed and more billions of dollars being wrongly spent. McCain has the knowledge and will and understands the leaders of foreign countries several times more than obama and biden put together. Who would trust biden with foreign policy –too many past blunders. obama was against the surge -a recent clear cut showcase of his lack of foreign policy judgment.

7 Privatize Social Security. McCain favors privatizing Social Security in programs that allow younger workers to place a portion of their payroll taxes into personal accounts invested in the market. With the market down almost half (45%) in 2008; you would have to be a real dumberd to not want the option to invest in something besides the lie of social security. Social security ends up not being insurance as the obama peoloski dems lie to you –a portion is taxed as regular income depending on how much money you make. I can see the portion being taxed as regular income going up as the years go by –what do you think?

8 TAX YOUR DIVIDEND. obama keeps lying/or at least a moving target: on where the number is -that is supposed to be the floor for not taxing you! First there was no number –then the number to get the most votes came out =$250,000; and now $200,000 comes out as the low number before your long-term capital-gains and dividends go up from 15% to 20% if you are an individual. Families would have a $250k cutoff before capital gains and dividends tax go up to 20%.
McCain calls for maintaining the 15% top tax rate on dividends and long-term capital gains. This is good for investing in American business. You decide if this would not be a good time to invest in American business.

9 ESTATE TAX, or DEATH TAX. obama will freeze the 2009 estate tax with taxes as high as 45%.
McCain has proposed a 15% estate tax for the rich; with zero taxes for estates under $5 million. Your estate is what you worked all of your life for –why on earth would you vote obama biden peloski franks schummer to make you give 45% of it up to the government?

9 It’s $200,000 now, but don’t blink. obama keeps changing the $250,000 figure as to who gets taxed the most. Obama is now claiming individuals making more than $200,000 will run into higher tax brackets.
And look out for all of the obama 1-time cash-for-a-vote scams. This is not lowering your taxes –just a shell game of buying votes.
McCain has proposed taxing seniors that pull money out of an IRA and 401-k a maximum of 10%. This is an excellent way to help those on fixed income at the same time giving the economy a stimulus.

10 crash of ’08. obama intends to raise corporate tax –this would be a total disaster to any chance of the US economy not going into bankruptcy. The stock market recognizes obama is a leftist liberal socialist causing the crash of ’08. Once obama got a 10 point lead to win the election; -American investors see there is no way that American business can prosper. American investors see obama as a lose-lose situation (taxes, anti-drilling, anti-nuclear). In simple terms: American business cannot compete in a global economy with the obama dem much higher corporate tax than the rest of the world.

11 The impact of a windfall tax on oil and gas would drastically cut and postpone development of American oil and gas. This ignorance of the obama dems will result in a shortage of energy and raise the price of energy for all Americans. The Heart of American business is the cost of energy,
The Heart of inflation in America is the cost of energy,
The Heart of Americans staying in their homes is having jobs; -not obama peloski biden stimulus checks. The obama dem gore lies on energy will kill American business –as all American business depends on oil and gas to power that business. You can’t tax foreign oil, -you can only make a 70% dependency on foreign energy worse by electing obama.

12 obama sleeps with unions. unions stand for isolationism, -a one party socialist dem leftist liberal system, -destroying any global ability to compete by American business, -killing the one savior of the middle class and poor = WalMart. WalMart setting the gold bar: For example no-one did $4 prescription drugs until Walmart did –this includes this obama peloski franks schummer bunch that want to come between you and seeing a doctor. Walmart did not wait for a handout from the gov; -WalMart just did what was right for America.

13 One of the greatest Americans in history is Boone Pickens, wanting to put up his money to front 20% of American energy needs with wind generation. The Boone Pickens plan is dead with a windfall tax –or any other additional tax on oil and gas. obama plans to build bridges to nowhere; instead of investing in the electric grid of the US to handle the power requirements of transporting the wind energy to populated areas. American natural gas is proven to help the environment and cut American consumption –obama windfall taxes on oil and gas will kill the idea of using natural gas for vehicles on a national scale.

14 Nuclear Power is dead with an obama peloski government. obama has lied about nuclear plants – obama would not build nuclear plants. This kind of shell game lying is obama typical: Finally saying he is for nuclear during the debate; -but as McCain pointed out –obama will never allow nuclear until disposal of nuclear to his satisfaction is attained. We have plenty of time to decide the way to dispose of nuclear –America does not have plenty of time to get off of foreign oil before America is bankrupt and/or owned by foreign countries. McCain plans to fast-track nuclear plants to assure that America has some chance to get off our dependency on foreign oil.

15 change. obama does not stand for change –someone please ask obama if he has the same socialistic democratic ideology as schummer, dodd, hillary, peloski, reid, hagel, franks, biden, kuninich, krugman, …? Folks, that is NOT CHANGE!!

16 At the heart of the financial crisis was gov regulation/oversight of banks, housing, wall street, -you name it. The obama dems choose to not make regulators and others in charge of oversight (such as congress) responsible. Instead, obama chooses to throw more gov regulation, more gov oversight, and more tax dollars at the problem. The failure of regulation/oversight was/is the problem. We do not need more regulation/oversight –we need to make those people responsible. Failed regulation and oversight should not be rewarded with bigger and more money the obama way –failed regulation should be fixed by making the regulators responsible.

17 WHO WILL REGULATE AND GIVE OVERSIGHT TO THE OBAMA SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT? This dem congress has held finger pointing hearings every day for 2 years now –the problem is in the mirror. Can someone not ask obama peloski schummer who is going to regulate and give oversight to the government -as the bigger gov crowds out American free enterprise forever? But many are voting for obama as they trust a bigger socialist gov to handle their tax money and save America from the evil exxon and all other corporations. Fast Track Oil and gas development is fundamental to any energy policy that will move America to energy independence and prosperity.

18 USE IT OR LOSE IT. obama peloski schummer franks ignorance on energy in regard to oil and gas leases: the obama statement of use it or lose it is wrong. A smart US energy policy would give oil & gas the right on a fast track to spend the billions required to actually find out how much oil and gas that we have; and eventually get reasonable production numbers to enable oil and gas to develop the best leases for production and the environment. This is addressed in an article by Max Schulz: National Review
19 One day, the lies of obama schummer poliski will complete the bankruptcy of America -while all the time promising that the dream of solar panels is better for you than the reality of fossil and nuclear. 65% of all homes in America heat with natural gas; –there is no alternate energy going to fix that issue. Alternative energy subsidy and tax credits for the last 40 years have not made even a 1% dent in American energy use –over 90% of American energy is fossil fuel plus nuclear. Alternative energy development is a top priority; but America cannot be in quicksand any longer waiting on a magic dream. The obama biden poloski schummer dream of ethanol is a clear example of obama peloski schummer buying votes. The price of non-subsidized gasoline without ethanol is almost the same price as corn ethanol gasoline; -and without the food inflation, poor gas mileage, poor performance, and engine problems.

20 Dependence on foreign oil is skating on thin ice with your job, retirement, and family in the balance. I guess Jim Cramer has a hidden agenda to support obama after having Pickens, McClendon, Jim Hackett, John Peterson, and many others on his show. Boone Pickens has been on cnbc many times with more straight talk in 1 minute than you will get in a lifetime from the leftist antiAmerican gang. Maybe Cramer is just one of many that hate Bush for the Iraq war so much they would vote for the bankruptcy of America under obama -who would give you 4 more years of peloski, franks, biden, kuninich, schummer, hillary, reid, hagel, etc. Of course, Cramer/politicians/media can’t see crude oil going up in tandem with any gains in the US economy –so Cramer is forever telling America there is no danger of inflation. Crude oil price will go down with a recession going on; but this is only temporary & the percent of crude oil that America is dependent on does not change. Crude oil price going down with the recession will assure the world of crude oil shortages in 2009. And even with crude oil prices down, if any 1 of the house of cards holding all of the crude oil resources of the world should fail –the US would see massive job layoffs.

21 What does the gov mean when they say “national health care”? One of the biggest lies of obama peloski schummer dodd franks … is health care. medicare does not pay for health care for dental, hearing, or eyes. So if seeing, eating, or being deaf does not matter to you – then you are on track with the basics of national health care. If you want the red tape fine print of the gov bureaucracy between you and your doctor, or any health procedure –then you are on track for national health care. National Health care means you pay healthcare for folks that kill, rape, steal, smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts and sellers, folks that never worked an honest job in their life, …

22 National free health is a lie just based on simple math: Technology comes up with new and better procedures/medicines every day that costs 10x as much as yesterday. There are not enough machines, doctors, hospital beds, nurses, medicine and treatment companies, … -to take care of the population that the US has now. To make laws for national health care will assure you of the government blocking you from getting health care. The upside would be less people from foreign countries coming to the US to get medical care they could not get in their countries that have national health care.

23 Any national health care will have a co-pay and deductible that will go up every year; -and every payment will be based on your income – all part of the obama peolski wealth re-distribution (welfare plan).

24 To pass a law to outlaw smoking in the US except in your residence -would have the impact of saving 400,000 American lives/year and $600 billion dollars each year in America. Those numbers will be disputed to some extent by special interest tobacco; but special interest tobacco is lying. Social security and medicare benefits could be extended 20 years if America bans all smoking.

25 The dems like to throw out spending $10 million/month for Iraq –how many times do they tell you the US pays out $60 million/month for crude oil (6 times the cost of the Iraq war)?! obama’s energy plan will kill any chance the US had of getting off of American dependence on foreign crude oil. The windfall tax on oil and gas will only kill production and exploration. There would be no nuclear plants under obama. obama may even make coal plants impossible. Not building coal and/or making carbon caps unreasonable could easily raise the price of electricity to about double in 3 years; -and would cause severe blackouts and businesses to fail.

26 Fix medicare and social security without cutting benefits: Why does media not ask obama peloski schummer what they intend to do about the smoking deaths and cascading problem of smoking related health care in the US!?
Health Care Fix?! Eliminate smoking in the US; and give social security and medicare and health care costs a break of 500 billion dollars annually.
Why not eliminate smoking in the US? Smoking costs America 400,000 lives every year, 30% of all hospital beds, $500 billion dollars/year health and job costs, millions in forest fires caused by smoking, …. Why does the non-smoker have to pick up this tab in the form of health care costs and insurance? How about media asking a politician the question: Is sleeping with the tobacco lobby bigger than the truth and what is best for America?!

27 Taking public funding to spend on the presidential campaign as agreed to with John McCain. No, obama chose to go for the much larger monies ($750 million) that have been handed obama along with monies of the past 20 years -that assure obama is not about change –but keeping promises to those who have paid his way. Following the money shows obama will move America to bankruptcy with a 1-way path of socialism, unions, a total lie on health care for all, higher taxes for Americans and business, … Part of the promises include the obama biden peloski schummer guarantee of elimination of the secret ballot for voting on unions.

28 obama giving out checks for votes. Since 40% of Americans do not pay tax; -how can they be getting a tax cut? obama peloski biden are the kings of buying votes and welfare.

29 “Free Choice Act” is a lie even in it’s title. The idea of removing the right of a secret ballot from companies is probably even unconstitutional. The obama dems and their partners of big union would immediately pass the “free choice act” to unionize all American business. If you take away the secret ballot – you let unions know who is voting against union; and here the union comes into your life twisting your arm to vote the union in. A secret ballot prevents the union from strong-arming the employees.
The life-long prize for obama dems unions is to unionize WalMart; because the dems are going nuts jealous of the largest and best retailer in the world being centered in Bentonville, Arkansas.
WalMart has done more for health costs than the gov ever will. And who will turn WalMart into a GM? obama, peloski, schummer, dodd, hillary, reid, hagel, franks, biden, kuninich, krugman, bernie sanders, corzine, … The gang of antiAmerican socialists will unionize WalMart removing WalMart as the gold bar standard to shop for food, health care, and other essential stuff.
WalMart lowering prescription drugs to $4 in many cases did more for health care than anything the gov has done in the last 20 years. All drug chains had to follow the lead of WalMart -helping all of America.
WalMart should be a part of any energy bill by providing natural gas re-fueling.

30 A vote for obama is a vote to lock in a one party socialist leftist liberal system that will bankrupt America. The liberal media has convinced many Americans that leftist socialism big gov control and ownership will be good for America since exxon and corporations are evil; unions have the big lobbying group and control of democrats –so the bigger the unions get –the bigger the automatic vote for democrats become. Although, the recent job losses by so many union jobs such as American car companies could alter that in this vote. But then again, the dems are already kicking around using YOUR tax dollars to prop up GM and Chrysler and Ford with a blank check until the union heath benefits are paid off and the domestic auto makers produce a car everyone wants.
Then you have gov jobs (the circle continues). Government personnel are pretty much a lock for democrats since you generally have to belong to a union to work for the government; and the stronger unions get -the more power unions get to socialize and bankrupt America with policies like being against free trade. America could have received a 15% reduction in gasoline prices and even more in food prices by killing the Brazil ethanol tariff and using Brazil sugar ethanol instead of the disaster of corn ethanol. poloski preventing a vote on the Columbia trade agreement proves her to be an anti-American once again putting getting votes ahead of what is good for America. Being friendly to and emphasizing trade with the countries that are friendly to the US has been a stellar trademark of the Bush administration; -so I understand anti-American press like peloski using political power to block a vote on the Columbia bill for POLITICAL SHOW. poloski represents the worst of American politics – the obsession with ego and power being more important than America.
Thus, the debates don’t even matter anymore, the bias of voting is decided too often without any regard to the issue. Equal rights is not the priority it should be. All 3 presidential debates had McCain kicking obama all over the field on almost every issue –like 80 to 20. Yet the liberal media ran obama as coming out even; or maybe even winning.

31 obama dems media lie about the failure of Bush policies for the last 8 years: The fact is the first 6 years under Bush had unemployment under 5% and a solid positive gnp -in spite of the huge impacts of 9-11; having to spend billions for Homeland Security; devastating hurricanes and flooding; the Iraq Pakistan Afghanistan conflicts; …. A big part of the financial meltdown in ’07 and ’08 was the doubling of crude oil and natural gas prices – which the dems have caused by years of lying and mis-information. And now all of the obama dem liberal media are lined up like dominos to cause American oil and gas to cut back production assuring the complete opposite of America becoming dependent on foreign oil and gas.

32 Alternate Energy has zero chance under obama. Both obama and McCain claim to develop alt energy. Alternate energy has been subsidized for 40 years with negligible impact on US energy consumption. CONSUMPTION is more likely to be addressed by McCain because obama is too locked in by unions to kill the gas guzzler and legislate electric and natural gas vehicles. The natural gas vehicle is proven and in use for commercial vehicles in areas that care about reducing emissions. Folks, the obama dems can’t develop alternate energy by definition: To have electric vehicles requires the electric industry to build more coal and nuclear plants –there is no alternative energy solution except in the lies of al gore/media/obama dems. obama has the shell game lie on nuclear –obama will never build nuclear. McCain will fast-track enough nuclear construction to get the US off of foreign oil. Natural gas vehicles require opening up all areas for oil and gas to explore; and then develop the best areas for environment and production. Everything that comes out of the mouth of obama peloski biden schummer dems is to tax the evil oil and gas companies.

33 CONSUMPTION must be addressed. Paragraph 32 explains why obama dems cannot handle reducing consumption. The necessary fast track for a real energy policy is to reduce consumption with natural gas vehicles; which is American clean energy. The Boone Pickens plan on wind energy and natural gas is the real deal; but requires a McCain presidency to have a chance to work.

34 Questions the media is not bright enough to ask obama biden peloski schummer:

35 Billions spent by obama dems on corn ethanol subsidy, -when Brazil sugar ethanol without the obama dem tariff would lower gasoline prices by about 15% -without the food inflation.

36 obama peloski will add taxes for American oil & gas – assuring the $700 billion paid to foreign countries for crude oil will only get worse.

37 A link to some of the facts obama has done a good job hiding:,CST-NWS-ayers18.article

38 time to decide if you want the whole gov bureaucracy of red tape between you and your doctor -or a medical treatment; time to decide if you want leaders that want American oil and gas -or if you want to keep importing at $700 billion every year; time to decide if you want a qualified leader for president; -or an unqualified community organizer with a hidden resume; time to decide if you want American natural gas to be there when you need to heat your home (65% of American homes are heated with natural gas); –or maybe you think obama is going to put enough tax money in solar panels to heat your house and power American business.

39 The peloski stimulus packages do nothing for what America needs, -which is jobs. The jobs obama is talking about are jobs created by the government building bridges to nowhere does nothing for the economy. McCain wanting job creation to build 50 nuclear plants gives our kids a hope for energy independence in the future. McCain’s plan is not a 1-time cash for a vote plan. The McCain plan would assure your kids will have a future today and 20 years from today.

40 Social Security and Medicare. Trust the government for benefits?
The folks over 65 have found that social security payments are taxed as regular income with certain limits depending on income. The maximum amount of social security PRESENTLY that can be taxed as regular income is 85%.
medicare premiums are bracketed to go up depending on your income.

41 medicare health premiums. If you take money out of your IRA for health expenditure –the following year you will be thrown into a higher medicare premium payment every month for medicare health insurance. So you are taxed 2 ways when you take money out of a retirement account: regular income plus having to pay a higher medicare premium for health insurance.
By the way, medicare does not cover hearing, seeing, or dental. I guess vision or being deaf or being able to eat -is not too important to the senior citizen.
Here is a link to the PRESENT medicare income brackets (these brackets will move lower as time goes by):

42 Health care for everyone. obama biden peloski lie about their health care plan for everyone.
Since medicare does not pay hearing, dental, or vision –just what is important to the government?
There are not enough doctors, hospital beds, equipment to support everyone getting some form of heath care. And again, what is this national health care? How much will the co-pay be? How much will the deductible be? And will the co-pay and deductible go up every year?]]
Do the drug users, criminals, con-artists, jerks, bums, etc -get the same insurance as the guy working all his life and having to pay 5 or 6 times more for heath insurance – or higher taxes -to support the health care for the bums?! obama biden peloski schummer say health insurance is a right of every American.
Some procedures, specialty doctors (all doctors are specialty doctors), the better space age equipment, … cost more than others –so who makes the decision about who will live, or gets the $100,000 procedure, …. If there are only 100 doctors or machines that can save lives –and a backlog of 4 months before you can get in to see this doctor or get this medical treatment –than what was the goal of health care for all? The better medical treatment costs are going higher in a direct line with exponentially rising costs, -there is no gov that can support health insurance for all –unless the heath insurance is so weak it is worthless.
If any of you have worked for the gov, or dealt with the gov, or filled out a claim for disability, or asked social security a question, -than you may want to re-think your voting for obama for president -as you may well get that gov red-tape, fine-print, completely ignorant person on the phone after waiting for 2 hours, -in between you and getting cancer treatment and dying. If you want the gov in between finding out what your medical costs will be and getting treatment; -than by all means vote for obama gang of socialists.

43 Back up the Talk. obama is saying jobs for America. Yes, using your tax dollars to build bridges to nowhere. McCain is for jobs in fossil fuel, nuclear, and alternative fuels that provide energy -so American business can be competitive in a global economy.
61% of oil the U.S. will have to import by 2030, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, up from 60 percent in 2006 and 36 percent in 1980! 6% of energy use is currently supplied by renewable sources, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which expects the figure to increase by two percent by 2030.
Total onshore Federal lands throughout the U.S. are estimated to contain 31 billion barrels of oil.” However, the Bureau of Land Management estimates that 62 percent of oil is on federal (taxpayer) land and is off limits as a result.
Even more disturbing, BLM believes that just 8 percent of onshore federal oil and 10 percent of on-shore federal natural gas is “accessible under standard lease terms.”
The Minerals Management Service estimates oil and gas resources in undiscovered fields on the Outer Continental Shelf total 86 billion barrels of oil and 420 trillion cubic feet of gas. Yet, by Executive Order and annual Congressional bans attached to appropriations, the majority of these fields are off limits. Of the 1.76 billion Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) acres, only an estimated 43 million acres are leased.
According to the Congressional Research Service, oil shale in the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming possess an estimated 1.8 trillion barrels of oil. Nationwide, estimates for total oil reserves from oil shale are as high as 6 trillion barrels. However, Democrats used the Omnibus Appropriations Bill of 2008 to restrict access to all oil shale on federal lands. This precludes exploration and production for 80% of all available oil shale in America.]]
Link to some real truths about the future of America:
Nature polluting beaches and ocean wildlife:
In Delhi, India, all public vehicles (buses, scooters, taxis, etc.) are required by law to run on CNG. Well over 20% of private automobiles also use CNG as fuel too due to its cost advantage.
When we use CNG for transportation, almost 100% of the energy in it becomes available for transportation, instead of only 25% using natural gas generated electricity. We have adequate domestic resources (if we start now) to meet the increased demand for natural gas to switch over to CNG as fuel for vehicles, which will help to reduce our crude oil imports significantly.
20080612 obama peloski biden schummer dems voting against elimination of the imported ethanol tax -which would save Americans about 50cents/gallon at the pump. Dems put getting a vote ahead of the environment -and the future of America. This selling out of America for votes on corn ethanol caused food inflation that is hurting all Americans; and could have been avoided by importing Brazil sugar ethanol.
Only 1.6% of the world’s oil and natural gas reserves are controlled by U.S. energy companies (the total amount of reserves managed by all investor-owned companies is just six percent). The point is American oil and gas (including Exxon) do not have pricing power of oil and gas. This is a global competitive market. When unemployment passes 7% in the US in 2009, peloski obama schummer biden franks will still be holding hearings making grandstanding speeches and blaming oil and gas for the problem.
20081016 To put Chris Dodd in charge of a congressional hearing on the housing problem is like putting the godfather in charge of a mafia investigation.
Good energy links:

44 Iraq war suggestion. Iraq is number 3 in oil resources.
Iraq should agree to pay all medical and veteran benefits for any US soldier that served in Iraq.
Keep the US out of places that are not strategic to the US. The US should never be involved if we cannot win; and the outcome make the US stronger in a peaceful world.

45 More bad judgment by obama peloski. Any additional tax on American oil and gas companies assures the bankruptcy of America. You can’t tax what you don’t have –most oil reserves are not in the US. Any tax on US companies just places the US oil and gas at more disadvantage to foreign oil companies who don’t have to go to Nigeria and get shot at -to get crude oil. The ONLY way to control American destiny is by developing all American oil and gas.
The obama peloski biden schummer dems say don’t drill Alaska or off Florida should be sent for a month to parts of the swamp looking wasteland of Alaska with such brutal conditions that almost nothing could survive life there. When china or russia has a major spill off of Alaska or Florida; -do you think they will show the spirit and billions to clean up the spill that an American company would?
Trusting russia and china to take care of the environment and have some responsibility is the deal obama gives you. Instead, unlock American oil and gas to help America by lowering energy costs and creating jobs.

46 Nuclear Plants. Dems have prevented the building of nuclear plants for the last 40 years. Nuclear plants could have got America away from being at the mercy of foreign oil + could have allowed the use of electric cars + could have provided the low cost energy necessary to maintain jobs in America and competing globally. Here is some history on Jimmy Carter killing one of the best solutions to gaining energy independence:
Fast Breeder Reactors
Read about the reason we need the Fast Breeder Reactor plant, why we don’t have it, and how Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton egregiously stopped all progress on the Fast Breeder projects in the US. Russia is serious about developing the fast breeder reactor.
Through the process of breeding fissionable nuclear fuel, Fast Breeder Reactor plants can produce unlimited amounts of fissionable fuel for the production of energy as long as mankind will ever be on this earth. The nuclear reactors are less evasive to the environment than either renewables or fossil fuel systems. Present conventional reactors only consume about 1% of the fuel, or perhaps 2% after upgrading. The “Integral Fast Reactor” (IFR) would consume most of the fuel, and therefore stretch the available Uranium to 300,000 quads. Even with vastly expanded world consumption we could have had an unlimited nuclear fuel due to the Fast Breeder.

47 Good link on a real American. A noble peace prize should have gone to Pickens; and then for the first time in years –there would be some credibility to this farce. The next time you read the democrat misinformation parade about the bad oil and gas folks, you might consider some truth at

48 Florida. Typical of all of America, Florida depends on natural gas to turn on the lights, air conditioning, Here is just an example for those that think obama magic solar panels will replace natural gas for electricity: “Florida Gas extends shipper alert due to heat. NEW YORK, May 8, 2008 (Reuters) – Florida Gas Transmission on Thursday issued its latest in a recent string of warnings to natural gas shippers on its pipeline system as hot weather forecast for the state was expected to boost demand. The company issued an overage alert at 25 percent tolerance, meaning shippers must stay within 25 percent of scheduled volumes in order to maintain system integrity, the company said in a website posting. Alerts, also called critical days, require natural gas shippers to adhere carefully to scheduled quantities. An overage alert signals that taking excess quantities offline would be harmful.
Florida Gas regularly issues shipper alerts as temperatures in the state vary extremely from normal, boosting gas and power demand as customers crank up air conditioners in spring and summer and heaters in the winter.
The 5,000-mile Florida Gas Transmission system runs from southern Texas to southern Florida, with a mainline capacity of 2.3 billion cubic feet per day. The line is owned by Citrus Corp, which is owned by Southern Union Co’s (SUG) Panhandle Energy and El Paso Corp (EP).

One presidential candidate wants to develop American natural gas; the other wants to tax the companies that supply natural gas. This is really not that hard a choice.

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