Jet Blue stepping up, Federal bill still needed

I think Jet Blue is taking too much blame for this tarmac debate in the media compared to American Airlines who got off easy. I am glad that the media is making a big circus out of this though because hopefully it will get a bill passed. Yes, I am sure it is the airports fault too and DFW, JFK, the Austin airport, and the Tulsa airports involved in these messes should have had better control of the situation… but the Airlines SHOULD have canceled ALL flights in these weather conditions in the first place. From now on if there is a tornado warning, lightning, or ice storm at the destination airport all flights should be canceled to that destination airport. Sorry but that’s the way it should be to avoid this mess again at least until some kind of federal bill gets passed to protect our rights.

Jet Blue is stepping up to the plate and created their own bill of rights which is going to cover all the people who were stranded. Jet Blue was still canceling flights yesterday and the CEO of Jet Blue was on the today show and said they just didn’t have enough employees to keep things running during the snow storm. I am glad he is stepping up with money back guarantees for sitting on the tarmac but they really should have anticipated what trouble the snow storm would have caused, after all their HUB is in New York and they do have snow there every year so I can understand weather delays. I just can’t understand loading people on a plane and holding them there for hours with no escape.

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