Is Obama Muslim?

The main reason I think that Barrack Obama will not win in the general election is the fact that republicans will rip him apart for many reasons. A huge reason is his name which have three words that the conservative groups will throw in his face… Barack which sounds like Iraq. Hussein (similar to the guy that was hung) and Obama which CNN has already turned around many times into Osama.

Obama is the media darling even though they have hinted several times to make him seem Muslim. It could be a way of making us fear him for the general election while flawlessly making negativity towards Hillary Clinton. It’s basically almost like they want Obama so the Republicans have an easy race to win.

Obama is not Muslim. Even if he was Muslim we should not be so scared of a Muslim leader. We should not be so closed minded. America is a country of people of all origins and religions. I would rather the president be a person of non-religion than some extremist of any kind.

Religion should not be mixed with politics. If Obama takes the nomination then you will see it explode in our faces. The republican smear machine will kill the democrats chance of any general election wins.

Obama is not a bad person. We know Oprah would not back someone who was not fit to be King. I just do not think it is time for him to be the next U.S. leader. He is better suited for Vice President under Hillary for President.

One thought on “Is Obama Muslim?”

  1. You say “Obama is not a bad person. We know Oprah would not back someone who was not fit to be King.”……………………………

    But Remember! Opera did back up a total LIAR who wrote a book about his life…and it turned out to be a hoax!

    So, even opra can-and does- make mistakes too!

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