Black Man in the White House

I downloaded a song the other day titled “there is a black man in the white house.”  I think that anyone white or black will be excited for this day in our lives.  For a black man to get past slavery and be the top job in American that is something else!  There is also a black woman in the White House.  Talk about a new day!

I watched the inauguration again on Fox News when they replayed it.  It was all pretty interesting to watch again.  The prayer from Warren I thought was OK but nothing that great.  He said the names of Obama’s kids very strangely.. But wished I could have been there sitting with Bill and Hill to watch the event.  I’m surprised Chelsea was not there she shows up everywhere.

The other bishop was on the Daily Show— here is the full show you have to watch a wendys commercial and fast forward to see it.

Just listened to some of Obama’s speech again and I love the part where he warns other countries about invading us and others by saying your people will judge you on what you build not what you break.. its great to not be thought of as a country that is a bully anymore but as a leader and set a good example.  Also like the part where he says we are starting out friends with every country and everyone if you unfist your hands.. (not word for word of course).

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