I Support Hillary Clinton for President

Everything in the news today reflects Obama. Ted Kennedy is now endorsing Obama and so is almost everyone else. That might actually be a good thing for the Clinton’s. The republicans may now have less bashing they can do when they try to use the “L” word or liberal word towards her… they will not be able to use it now.

I have made my decision on who to vote for and it is Hillary Clinton for President in 2008. I have thought long and hard about this and feel that Hillary is the only candidate who can win against McCain or Romney. The McRomney’s are the only Republicans that I think are possible winners of the primary votes to go up against the Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton was also my choice because I think her views will become a little more on the left once she gets elected. She needs to stay moderate until then but I have hope Hillary is really what we need to get things changed in this country.

Ron Paul, of course, is my overall choice for the presidency but there is no real hope in that campaign. I would not want to switch parties and risk the chance of not being able to vote for Hillary. I agree with many things that Ron Paul says and think he could be the best man ever for presidency but that just is not possible with him running on the Republican ticket… The Republicans are too dumb to realize that Ron Paul is a true Republican and has better monetary policies than the other ones.

The Media keeps putting a bad spin on the Clinton’s calling them “the Clinton machine”.  They are suggesting that Bill Clinton is a bad thing.  I think they are overdoing the negative spins on Bill and Hillary and thing Hillary will come out of this and become our first woman president of the United States of America.
Cheers to Hillary for President!

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