How Long Does Opened Wine Last?

This has nothing to do with politics but this is a site about living real and we surely love our wine. I saw this question asked the other day on Yahoo Answers and was not satisfied with the answers so here is mine. The person asked if it was ok to keep the wine in the fridge for 6 months. Here is my answer:

I know a little something about wine. The bad news is, I have lousy taste and will drink anything, no matter how vile, before I will throw it out. In any case, bad wine becomes vinegar, so if you can’t drink it, you can always cook with it. White wine will keep overnight or so in the refrigerator. Red wine you pretty much have to drink once it’s opened. We do have one of those vacuum seal doohickeys and that keeps the white wine pretty okay for the next day.

Hard booze, on the other hand, will keep pretty much forever if it’s tightly sealed. And vodka, sherries and port wines, which have a lot more alcohol than regular wine, will keep for a while too. But pitch the wine. Spring for a new bottle or two and keep it on its side, like it says in the movie Sideways. Guess you didn’t see that? Pretty good movie, lots of wine talk.

The thing with wine is the quality.  If you are going to drink it you need to be willing to pay for a decent bottle. Cheap wine has no health benefits and the flavor is an insult to the senses.

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