Glen Beck lookalike?

This shooting in Arizona is certainly nothing to joke around about but when you have two crazed people who look so much alike from their facial expression you have to think wow.. We were sent this pic of Glen Beck and how much his expressions go with the guy who tried to assisinate the Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) last week. Jared Loughner is only 22 years old but he sure does have the crazy Glen Beck look on his face.

Celebrities have been tweeting about this horrible tragic shooting spree this week including Jane Fonda who is blaming Sarah Palin Partially because of all of her re-load and how she put out that website with targets aimed at Reps in certain areas such as Arizona. I watched Glen Beck’s show on Fox earlier tonight and was shocked he was trying to make this guy sound more like a total nut job instead of a right-wing nut. He then listed off things that made the guy “nutty” such as he did not believe we did not goto the moon and that the US government was involved in the 911 attack. This kind of made it sound like Glen was trying to persuade his viewers to “think” he hated George Bush and that he was a left nut.

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