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food stamp credit cardCome on… it’s the new American Way to feel like the CEO of Exxon to take welfare out of everyone else’s pocket and put it in your own. Who cares about the American Economy we should just make sure everyone is on food stamps. Let’s make these food stamps flashy and look like credit cards so they can be sexy looking and people will be on them forever. People will never get off their food stamp addiction because they will have no embarrassment of using them in public.

We should all get on food stamps and see how fast we can take down the American Economy. Or wait its already wrecked anyway so we wont feel so bad right?

Seriously, these Food stamp cards do not even say the words “food stamp” on them. I think it is ridiculous that we are just giving away taxpayer money so people can go parading around with flashy credit cards. There are even advertisements airing on TV and radio where you can hear a conversation of people basically bragging of using food stamps making it sound cool. It is not cool… it is getting money for doing nothing and should only be used as a temporary source of “help” while trying to feed your family in rough times or times such as a layoff.

I think its fine that food stamps are now electronic but they should say the word “food stamps” on them. I am not saying they should be the Scarlet Letter but there should be an indication to people they are a temporary thing and a last resort.

One thought on “Get Your Free Food Stamp Card”

  1. Some people are working jobs, going to school, or have children. It’s not like people walk into the foodstamp office with their heads lifted high, or low for that matter. This economy is already messed up and the government receives so much money that alot of people will never see in their lifetimes. So I do feel like the American’s who need government assistance are any less of a person than someone who doesn’t need them. Everyone doesn’t have the same money situation. The assistance is there for a reason and pretty soon, alot of those who feel “previlaged” are going to get a taste of what living on a budget is. They’ll finally see how it is to get by, each day, each week, each month is an accomplishment just to say I paid my bills and put food on the table for my children or to get through college.

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