Oklahoma FOX station runs story claiming gays chasing HIV

Just when you thought Madonna on NBC, OJ Simpson books being destroyed, and Tom Cruise spelled the sweeps weeks for television news there is another story that is shocking in the way it was presented.  The local FOX affiliate in Oklahoma City ran a story where they interviewed gay people in gay bars (yes, drinking or drunk I would assume) speaking about having unprotected sex or bareback sex as some call it.

Here is a post from a friend of mine on Myspace regarding the story carried by a local fox affiliate:

I stand by my comments, do you think anyone who goes bareback or prefers bareback has a death wish? Of course not, that’s silly. Just like anyone who smokes wants to die of lung cancer, or anyone that drinks wants to smash the car and kill somebody on their way home? Of course not. People take stupid chances. Always have, always will. That’s not an alarming trend, that’s human nature.

-Quote from Floyd, Editor of Floyd’s Newsletter

The FOX reporter (I will leave his name out since this is a national blog) saw the bulletin that Floyd had sent out and responded:

I agree this may not be a problem right here in our own backyard (Oklahoma City, OK)…but if it’s happening..anywhere at all…don’t you agree that it’s a problem?

A study done by the CDC reports a rise in the number of intentional infections. Studies done wherein positive patients openly admit they sought out the disease….there was an increase in those claiming this to be the case…that is scary..but more importantly is the truth behind the story.

I will also stand by my disappointment in the community on those occasions…because the sad thing is that I was asking these people to talk to me about safe sex, Gay sex education, and very general, positive promoting topics..in no way did I approach a potential interview to ask them about Bug-Chasing (“bareback sex for hiv/aids infection”)…I would understand the hesitation if that were the case..but I was turned down…DOZENS of times by people who simply did not want to be bothered.

My advice for this FOX news station reporter in Oklahoma City:  You should look for real newsworthy stories that represent 100% of the gay population like the fact the republicans cut most of the HIV/AIDS funding, most gay people do not have adequate health care, and look for news reports that represent something other than a chat room cybersex.

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  1. Thank you for addressing the Fox report. I’ve included my “myspace” address so you can read my response. I also sent it to the news room at Fox. My name on there is boatingreggie if the link does not work.

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